Those Israeli Settlers are Storming Again


Another day, another piece in Arab media trying to rally up the ignorant masses against Israel. Their incitement has been growing recently, when it comes to Jerusalem, Israel and especially, the Temple Mount.

Israeli extremist settlers on Wednesday broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque, yards away from the Al-Magarbah Gate in Jerusalem, under the protection of Israeli soldiers and policemen, a Jordanian news service reported on Wednesday.”

Varda shared with Israellycool  one wild settler group.

One of the adults in that group posed for a RealJStreets photo at the Menachem Begin Center this week.

image man, Haredi who does not want photo published.

He did smile, but did not want his face published.  Could be for many reasons, but he was on the phone, so we did not ask.

He was at the Begin Center for a meeting of a new group called HALIBA.

image Yehudah Glick, photo leader of Jews for Temple Mount access

Rabbi Yehudah Glick, long-time and vocal advocate for Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, is director of the HALIBA. They are a diverse civil and religious rights group striving to insure Jewish freedom of assembly and worship on the Temple Mount.

So those settlers and supporters that filled the auditorium, what do they look like?

image students for Temple Mount visits

Hmm, one large section looked very much like university students, hardly the images you would see in Arab media. Maybe the stereotype wild settlers were late and locked out due to the size of the crowd?

With all their “storming”, Israeli settlers and other non-Muslims are allowed access 20 hours per week.

Meanwhile, Muslims can play football, picnic and store rocks, day and night, 7 days a week.

But when it comes to Arab incitement against Israel, what does the truth have to do with it anyway?

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