Despicable Reactions To The Murder Of Three Israeli Boys (Updated)

I suspect this list will only grow.

becky dent post

If you had a similar reaction at the news of the murder, or otherwise find yourself agreeing with any of these sentiments, take a good, hard look at yourself.

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Facebook Comments

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The usual suspects.

  • Kim

    has anyone checked what the doucheblogger has to say about this? Or Judith Butler?

    • CableLegend

      Silverstein has sunk to a new low w/ this. It’s unreadable.

  • Shimona from the Palace

    The lying bitch Becky Dent is even claiming that this was an Israeli false flag operation. It’s time we started working to have this antisemitic cow banned from Facebook.

    • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

      That usually happens. I hope we finally see the moral decay of anti-Semites.

  • Mario Augusto Puga Valera

    Shame on those conspiracy nuts, anti-Semites and assholes.
    Unfortunately, Skarka’s Law is in full motion during these grievous times. That’s why I think Internet should be regulated.

  • Yoni

    “@ Shmuel: It’s not a slippery slope at all. They were kidnapped because they were seen as settlers, attending a settler yeshiva, hitchhiking in Occupied Palestine. If they attended a yeshiva within the Green Line they would not be called settlers nor would they be kidnapped. “Kids” or “Israeli settlers” are kidnapped when they enter occupied lands.

    While kidnapping and murder are clearly horrific crimes deserving of punishment wherever they happen, they happen in Occupied Palestine for a particular reason.”
    -Richard Silverstein

    • walt kovacs

      dickie, the jew hating freak gift that keeps on giving

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Yeah, the reason is that the people who live in “Occupied Palestine”, would rather kill Jews than build a functioning society and, encouraged by their own hatred, their own leaders, and westerners like Dickie, think that killing Jews is a good idea, that the existence of Israel is an affront to them and a historic wrong, and that they can kill enough of them to put an end to Israel.

    • A F

      ” If they attended a yeshiva within the Green Line…”
      You mean like Merkaz HaRav?

      Or the numerous terrorists attacks that have occurred within Green Line over the years?


      Or even attacks on Jews in areas not known as a hotbed of Zionism?
      But he is right about one thing. This is not a case of a slippery slope. This is a case of him bending over backwards to justify what happened. He’s slid down the slope already.

  • walt kovacs

    do i care what these filth have to say?

    i dont expect anything less from them

  • Ash

    How did that Palestinian 15 year old die

    • walt kovacs

      throwing rocks

      he got shot

      no moral equivalency

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        Not just throwing rocks; throwing rocks at soldiers trying to find and rescue 3 kidnapped boys HYD. Committing attempted murder, while making himself an aider and abettor to those who committed kidnapping and murder.
        His mother says she is proud of him for it.

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  • Resist_We_Much_10

    Its just bizarre to compare subhuman “Palestinian” war criminals to Israelis.

    Under International Law, “Palestinian” child soldiers are required to have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a difference; to carry their weapons openly; and to conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs and war.

    The global Leftists do not follow International Law and for that reason Quranimal children have no human rights. Under International Law, every “Palestinian” child soldier may be shot on sight, tortured to death, raped, mutilated, etc . . . – whatever the Israeli soldier (or “pricetagger”) wants to do to these Quranimals is Kosher. “Palestinian” child soldiers are not human, for purposes of International Law.

    Also, under Shari’ah, the subhuman “Palestinians” have violated their Covenant of Security. For that reason according to the Shari’ah, they deserve genocide (just like Hajj Amin al-Husseini did to Polish Jewry and the satanic false god Mohammed did to Khaybar). So what are these folks complaining about?

    The idea that we should feel bad when the allies of the Presbyterian Church (USA) die is bizarre. Judith Butler’s boys are constantly saying that they love death more than the Yahood love life. So seems like a win-win when subhuman “Palestinian” child soldiers die in Jihad.

    #Death2Palestine #DarkRamadan

  • NormanF

    As the Prophet Isaiah wrote millenia ago, “Woe to those who call evil sweet and pronounce bitter the good.”

    We know who they are and we must resolutely turn our face against them. Whoever is with the murderers of Jewish children will never be one of us.

    And those responsible will pay in full for what they have done.

  • Sergio סרחיו

    Anti-Semitic scumbags justify the killings saying the victims were “settlers” or “invaders” that were “illegally on other people’s land”.

    According to their twisted logic, does that mean that it would be OK to kidnap and assassinate illegal immigrants’ children?

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