Arab Boy Murdered; Israel Haters Out For Blood

An Arab boy was found dead this morning, and police are investigating both the possibility that it was revenge attack for the murder of the three Israeli boys, or an honor killing.



The police found the body of an Arab teenager in the Jerusalem area on Wednesday and were investigating a possible connection to the reported kidnapping of a Palestinian youth in East Jerusalem earlier in the day, a police spokesman said.

The incident occurred only a day after Israel buried three teenagers who had been kidnapped on June 12 and whose bodies were found dead in the West Bank on Monday.

The possibility the boy was kidnapped and killed as part of revenge attack was being investigated, as was the possibility the boy was killed as part of a domestic issue or “honor killing”. Ynet has learned that the body was charred and showed signs of violence.

Palestinian residents told a Reuters photographer that they saw a teenager forced into a vehicle outside a supermarket in the Shoafat section of East Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for Israeli police, said police had been notified of a youth “pulled into a vehicle and possibly kidnapped” and roadblocks were set up in search of suspects. The Shin Bet are also involved in the incident.

Later “police discovered a body in the Jerusalem forest and were looking to see if there was a connection between the missing youth and the body that was found,” Rosenfeld said.

While there is no evidence as to who killed the boy or why, the anti-Israel crowd – such as the DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein – is predictably latching on to the revenge attack scenario.

But even the Instagram user he mentions does not accuse “settlers” of perpetrating the murder with certainty.

Video of announcement just now, from the loudspeaker of my local mosque, that ibn el balad Mohamed Hussein Abu Khdeir is reported missing, apparently taken by 3 Israeli settlers just before Fajr prayers – this is just opposite my home. People in the hood have gathered in the streets, there is still some confusion as to what exactly happened. Israeli helicopters are hovering above, seems this will hit the news any time now once things become clearer. Let’s make dua Mohamed is safe inshallah. #ramadan #jerusalem #palestine #رمضان_في_القدس_غير

Note also the detail of Israeli helicopters “hovering above,” proof Israel is taking the murder very seriously, in an attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Meanwhile, Silverstein also uses a tweet by Israel’s Hatzalah organization as “proof.”

silverstein retweet

Tellingly, he chooses to ignore subsequent tweets of theirs.

The investigation is still ongoing, so we need to wait and see what it yields. If it turns out that Jews perpetrated this heinous act of murder, I hope they are brought to justice and punished to the full extent of the law.

I am certainly not alone in feeling this way. Almost all of my fellow Israelis are sickened by the murder of this young boy, and as I mentioned, our authorities are doing what they can to bring the murderers to justice. Our politicians – whether on the Left or Right – have condemned this outright.

From Minister Uri Ariel, Jewish Home: (translated) The murder Arab boy and burning his body this morning is a despicable act and shocking. I call the police to spare no efforts, to reach the killers fast and bring them to justice

From Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem: I vigorously condemn barbaric murder of boy in #Jerusalem. I am confident security forces will bring perpetrators to justice.

From Dani Dayan, Yesha Council Foreign Envoy: More indications that murder of the Shuafat boy is intra-Palestinian criminal affair. It doesn’t matter for the poor boy. Nevertheless if turns out that we became like them, it is terrible. Just not that.

From Minister Tzipi Livni, HaTnua: (translated): Murder of the Arab in Jerusalem. Shocking incident that must be condemned, zero tolerance for it, work to find the killers and bring them to justice.

You certainly won’t find photos of candies being handed out.

Update: It is not just the Israel haters. Reports like this are framed in a way as to already blame Jews for the murder.

Update: The family of Naftali Frenkel, one of our murdered boys, has this to say:

“If the Arab youth was murdered because of nationalistic motives then this is a horrible and horrendous act. There is no difference between (Arab) blood and (Jewish) blood. Murder is murder. There is no forgiveness or justification for any murder,” said Yisahi Frenkel, Naftali’s uncle.

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  • unpluggged

    As I have said before, I don’t give a damn. I only concerned with Jews being murdered by Arabs, not with Arabs by Arabs or Arabs by Jews. Their blood shall be upon them.

    • NormanF

      It was probably the result of an intramural Arab feud.

      This happens among the Arabs all the time. They cannot live in peace with each other and yet people expect them to live in peace with the Jews?

      Dream on.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Allegedly murdered. Let’s be consistent, shall we?

    • AussieDave

      No, he was murdered. The question is who did it?

      • Hard Little Machine

        Allegedly, sorry. CNN can’t utter dead Jews names. The BBC is still wondering if they were murdered or not. Those are the rules. I’m not even convinced yet any Arab boy was killed at all.

        • ahad_ha_amoratsim

          I try not to let CNN serve as my example.

  • David

    “Note also the detail of Israeli helicopters “hovering above,” proof Israel is taking the murder very seriously, in an attempt to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

    Well, more likely to keep an eye on the people and give a quick response to any unruly mobs that might form.

    But yeah this story is horrible. I hope the killers are found and brought to justice, whether jews or arabs. Despicable, especially if it was done in revenge…

  • NormanF

    Murder is a crime that deserves no forgiveness regardless of the identity of the killer.

    But that hasn’t stopped anti-Semites and Israel haters from using a murdered Arab boy as cannon fodder in their on-going war against the Jewish people and Israel.

    Every one has their agendas. Jews though, do not kill children in cold blood.

  • walt kovacs

    we dont murder arab children….we write slogans on the side of mosques

  • KIp

    LIke there will ever be a real investigation into this boy’s death. Not only is that not going to happen the investigation will be superficial at best and no one will ever be charged even if the perpetrator is known to Israeli police.

    • AussieDave


    • walt kovacs

      like you actually have a brain in that pin head of yours

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      So what was it, Kip? Tell us, did we sell his organs, or were our bakeries just running short on blood?

  • walt kovacs

    look at the selfie

    this kids loving family killed him to get the gay out

    • AussieDave

      You have no proof, which makes that comment as objectionable to me as the ones blaming Jews.

      • walt kovacs

        nope, no proof

        just the historical use of honor killing

  • Sergio סרחיו

    According to information from this French blog, he was murdered in one of those “honor” crimes because he has homosexual:

  • ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Whom are we kidding? If five of his family members confess to ganging up on him and killing him, and the confessions are confirmed by eyewitnesses, security cameras and satellite photos, Hamas and its apologists – including Tikkun Olam — will STILL claim that Israelis did it and that the Israeli government is just covering it up.

    Edited: I wote this before seeing Kip’s comment below.

  • SoreHeed

    Netanyahu says that this was a despicable act and that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

    Compare this this the words of a Palestinian spokeswoman on BBC radio4 yesterday when she said that the deaths of the 3 Israeli boys were an accident!! Was was entirely the fault of the Israeli government. When challenged by the reporter she ranted and raved about Zionist conspiracies…

    • Apartheidthynameispalestine

      Good for the BBC to keep allow these salivating Jewhate monsters to speak on behalf of the Arabs Ashwari Bargouttie and Erekat are BBC regulars Lol friggin lol

      Don’t pay your licence!

      • SoreHeed

        to be fair the BBC reporter did challenge her and called her out for lack of evidence.

  • anneinpt

    Thanks for this post Dave. I just can’t keep up with the news at the moment (shiputzim at home). It’s all happening so fast.

    I’m just outraged at the Israeli authorities and media who immediately aired the possibility this might be a “price tag” or revenge killing. What did they THINK would happen next?? And now that genie is out of the bottle it will never go back in, no matter what the evidence eventually says.

    And if, as seems likely, this was an intra-Arab murder, will the White House and other leaders condemn Arab society as quickly as they condemned the murder when they thought it was a Jew?

    • Apartheidthynameispalestine

      Eh, nope. Surely you’re not surprised

  • Apartheidthynameispalestine

    What, no sweets being handed out in ” the settlements” ( irony control on max)

  • walt kovacs
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  • CableLegend

    It’s a known tactic in these types of cases to draw out emotion by using photos from a few years ago- like from when the victim was 12 or younger- to make it look even more abhorrent. They did it in the USA w/ the Trayvon Martin case; a picture of a 13 year old Trayvon was plastered on the TV screens for months to get sympathy and by the time folks realized it and used his picture from his age at death- 17, full mustache and much more mature looking, it didn’t matter b/c the “youth w/ iced tea and skittles” was burned in everyone’s mind. I have a feeling the something might be happening in this case. I’m not excusing murder at all, but just trying to give perspective as the anti-Israel crowd is enraged- the complete opposite response we saw from those folks when the 3 Israelis were murdered.

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