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IDF Soldier Helps Chained & Starving Palestinian Man In Gaza

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Well, if you thought the stories about the Hamas were not true regarding the forcing of Palestinian civilians to stay in the locations where the IDF will strike, think again…actually in this case you don’t need to think, just look.

This is a Palestinian civilian of Gaza who apparently has a mental disorder and who was found by an IDF soldier, bound, gagged and staved. This is a typical tactic of the Hamas and I am sure this was their doing. He would have eventually died from either starvation or an IDF strike on this location if it contained terrorists or weapons, which is what the Hamas would have wanted to happen.

Luckily there was no strike and this humane IDF soldier found him and freed him, then gave him water (source).

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Though I hate to know what will become of him once the Hamas find out he is untied and still alive. But what do you do in a situation like that? If you have a heart, like our soldiers do, then you have to help him.

Update: As with all such photos which are shared virally on Facebook without a fully verifiable source, we have to check them as closely as we can. IDF soldiers are not supposed to release photos from the field except via the IDF Spokesperson.

However Israellycool can verify this is the IDF. The uniform is the correct color (quite different to US forces), the helmet has the distinctive IDF cover that hides its shape, the weapon is a match, the soldier is at least a Major (from the fig leaf which we call a “falafel” on his epaulettes and he could be higher) and if all that isn’t enough he has the Hebrew letters “צהל” meaning IDF stencilled on his combat pants!

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