Caught On Video: Gazan Civilians Risking Their Lives


We have mentioned a number of reasons for civilian casualties in Gaza. Clearly, the main one is Hamas’ cynical use of civilian areas as rocket launching sites. There’s the use of funds by Hamas on rockets and terror tunnels instead of infrastructure like bomb shelters. We have also heard of Hamas asking civilians to ignore IDF warnings and stay in areas targeted by the IDF due to reason one above.

This next video, originally posted on the Shehab News Agency Facebook page, perhaps shows this last phenomenon in action. Either that, or the people in the video are deliberately aiming for a Darwin award.

Notice how the civilians are standing around, waiting for something, with the camera trained on the area. This is because, we can assume, the IDF warned them, starting with pamphlets and ending with the “knock on roof” technique to warn civilians of the impending strike. This is no coincidental footage of an IDF strike.

In any event, this is a further thing to keep in mind whenever Gazan casualty statistics are bandied around.

Update: Uri found another one on YouTube. These people clearly have a death wish.


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