Hamas Admits Goal: Not Open Borders, But Liberate Jerusalem

Remember Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri who admitted the use of human shields?

The same Abu Zuhri was reportedly attacked by Gazans when he paid a hospital visit.

On August 17, he was back on Arabic TV, announcing that Hamas does not care about border crossings or its people.

Our true war is aimed at liberation of Jerusalem…

army of Muhammad has begun its returning.

Thanks to MEMRI, we have the translation of Abu Zuhri’s Arabic comments on ending this conflict.

Dear Abu Zuhri: Surely Bibi is aware of your goals.

image Muslim prayer on Temple Mount, picture inside Muslim prayer room, image Israel apartheid

Thank you for providing a video with your vision for us to share with rest of the world.

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    He has good reason to indulge in fantasy. The reality is grim and growing grimmer. The losses taken by Hamas have been devastating, disrupting the chain of command and making Gazans restive. It doesn’t help that their leadership either cowers in bunkers or hides in far off Qatar. They have counted on bailouts by the world’s diplomats, media and anti-Semites (is there a difference between them?) and nothing has yet materialized. Today there has been talk of another long-term ceasefire, but there has been no confirmation as I type from Jerusalem and the terms are still under wraps.

    • Sharon A

      Cease fire #12 goes as others, Israel ceases and Hamas bombarded south. Quiet now, going out to see what is new this time…

  • walt kovacs

    yerushalayim was liberated in 67

    and the death cultists will never hold her again

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