Gazans Celebrate “Victory” Over Israel

Israel and Hamas today reached an open-ended ceasefire agreement.

Prompting Gazans to declare victory. But of course.

So let’s get this straight. All throughout the fighting, they have claimed we had been “massacring” them. Yet now that we agree to a (misguided) ceasefire, they think they handed our asses back to us on a platter?

You can argue over which side “won”, but what is clear is that in Gaza, what remains is a culture worshiping killing and death.

Even in “victory.”

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  • dabney

    When have they not declared victory? They lie to themselves just as much as they lie to the rest of the world.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The open-ended ceasefire is pretty much the same one Egypt had proposed at the beginning with a few cosmetic changes. This means that the toll in deaths and property destruction in Gaza could have been avoided. And knowing the history of these ceasefires, the IDF is not about to stand down for a while.

  • jlevyellow1

    Hamas will not have been victorious until the NYTimes declares it to be so.

    • walt kovacs

      haaretz declared them victorious

      said it was a total defeat of israel

      • jlevyellow1

        HaAretz is a Socialist tool. The NYTimes is the paper of record.

        But seriously, HaAretz is read by very few people in Israel – only severely disabled Leftists or those who need to know what the Leftists are saying.

  • rulierose

    I don’t know, Aussie Dave. even though much of Gaza is in ruins and many hundreds of Gazans are dead, if what I’m reading about this deal is true, Hamas HAS won. Israel gets nothing–not even a promise to stop the rockets from Gaza. in exchange, Hamas gets a seaport, a lifting of the blockade, and more prisoners released?

    I can’t quite believe this is happening again. this is exactly like Cast Lead Part Deux. what is Bibi thinking?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The ceasefire gives Hamas only the limited things that were offered in the July 15 ceasefire proposal which they rejected at that time. After 30 days, negotiations are supposed to begin to address their demands, as well as Israel’s demand that Gaza be disarmed. I predict an impasse, with Hamas resuming rocket fire as a result of the deadlock. In the words of the distinguished baseball player and philosopher Yogi Berra, it ain’t over until it’s over.

  • misshaps

    Its Not Over For The USA

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