What Max Blumenthal Saw In Gaza, And Why He Probably Won’t Ever Be Welcome Back There


In a piece entitled What Max Blumenthal Saw In Gaza, Israel hate rag Mondoweiss posts some of Blumenthal’s observations on a recent trip to Gaza, designed to demonize Israel. They include the following:


The other night I saw Max Blumenthal for the first time since his reporting trip to Gaza. We were eating at a noisy restaurant with friends and watching football, but he said three things that echo:


2. Max had the presence of mind to smuggle several shampoo bottles filled with Scotch into Gaza from Israel. This made him popular. At night, several friends were overjoyed to learn of his clever trick, and took care to strain the liquor through paper towels to get rid of the soap residue. They said they hadn’t had a drink in months.

What Max apparently does not understand – or deliberately won’t say – is drinking alcohol is against Islam, and Hamas has banned people from having it in their possession. But, of course, Blumenthal wouldn’t be seen dead criticizing Hamas. Because it is Israel he hates.

Come to think of it, that was mighty stupid of Blumenthal to boast of what he did, and Mondoweiss to reveal it. Because we know Hamas has a social media presence, and that news will easily get out. I guess he doesn’t plan on returning to Gaza. Ever.

Meanwhile, here is my own follow-up piece. What Max sees when he is in Israel:


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