Richard Silverstein Suggests Entebbe Was “Israeli False Flag Operation”


Besides being Independence Day of the United States, July 4th is also the anniversary of Operation Entebbe, one the most famous commando operations in history.

Fresh from his amazing detective work identifying me as the originator of the Abbas blood libel against Israel, DouchebloggerTMRichard Silverstein has decided to recall Entebbe in his usual endearing way.

By “good to recall”, Silverstein is lending credence to this conspiracy theory (which has been debunked by CAMERA).

Heck, it sure beats recalling the terror the hostages were subjected to, or those who were killed during the operation. At least in Silverstein’s twisted mind.

Silverstein continues to show that like Austin Power’s drink, he’s “a bit nutty.”

Ok, more than a bit. And the similarities between him and the “drink” don’t end there.

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