Richard Silverstein Smears Israeli-Arab As “House Arab”


Israeli Arab Rasha Athamni is a highly accomplished woman. A cadet at Israel’s Foreign Ministry, she has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English literature from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, as well as a Masters’ in Public Policy.

Here she is addressing the UN 3rd committee on persons with disabilities, elderly & youth, when she was Israel’s first ever youth delegate to the UN General Assembly.

A truly impressive and talented woman.

But anti-Israel douchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein reduces her to nothing more than a “house Arab” – all because she supports and defends Israel.

This is not the first time Silverstein has let his bigotry shine through while disparaging a Zionist. Remember this?

Silverstein constantly libels anyone who opposes terrorism as “Islamophobic.” Yet he is the one who is bigoted against Muslims. He acts as if they have no choice but to engage in terrorism because of their so-called “grievances” – in other words, denyng them agency for their actions. And now we see him denying the wonderful Rasha Athamni the ability to think for herself and stand up for Israel.

Given the unemployed Silverstein is constantly at home, can we refer to him as a “house douche”?

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