‘Jihad’ Jenny Tonge Caught Posting Antisemitic Cartoon


A few days ago, anti-Israel numbskull Baroness Jenny Tonge shared this Latuff cartoon on her Facebook page (hat tip: Jonathan).

The antisemitism here is not subtle: comparing Israel’s actions to those of the Nazis during the Holocaust – the words “Never Again” and the shape of the two figures in the cartoon contorting into swastikas leaving little room for error.

After this obvious antisemitism was pointed out to Jihad Jenny, she deleted her post and wrote this by way of apology.

I find it hard to believe anyone would not notice the clear Holocaust comparison in the cartoon – even someone like Tonge who has a proven track record in ignorance.

Be that as it may, she is obviously sorry-not-sorry; this subsequent post indicates she believes allegations of antisemitism against people like her are somehow frivolous – while posting about Oliver Stone complaining about Jewish control of the media!

Remember: this is the same woman who said she would consider becoming a suicide bomber were she palestinian.

As it is, she is just a vile Jew hater who got caught out again.

It is way past time for her to be expelled from the House of Lords. Sign the petition here.

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