WATCH: Jenny Tonge Makes Absolute Idiot Of Herself

Jenny Tonge has proven herself to be one of the nastiest anti-Israel personalities out there, certainly in the UK.

She was recently interviewed by J-TV, in an interview that went so badly for her, she later posted this:

Here is the interrogation with the nasty character under glaring lights interview. Note, among other things, how Jihad Jenny cannot answer a simple question regarding where she has attained her knowledge on the conflict, as well as her answer when questioned on whether she believes in the concept of innocent until proven guilty, not to mention some other troublesome statements she has made.

More on the interview train wreck here.

5 thoughts on “WATCH: Jenny Tonge Makes Absolute Idiot Of Herself”

  1. Interesting fact about TV and movie production, lights are used in order to ensure that we can see things. This fact also applies to general life as well, light =sight

  2. I’m glad the Lib Dems want nothing to do with this loon anymore–though they are far from a perfect political party, especially regarding the Israeli/Arab conflict.

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