Al Jazeera Selects Antisemitic Child Abuser Manal Tamimi As “Palestinian Supermom”


Al Jazeera has come out with a video about How to be a Palestinian Supermom.

Their supermom? Manal Tamimi of the infamous Tamimi clan, which counts unrepentant Sbarro terrorist Ahlam Tamimi (a favorite of Al Jizz) and Pallywood child star Ahed Tamimi (aka “Shirley Temper”) as their members.

How to be a Palestinian supermom

What does it mean to be a Palestinian mother? Let Manal Tamimi explain. footage: Bilal TamimiMusic: "Melt" by Broke for Free

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

So apparently what qualifies a woman as a “palestinian supermom” is bringing her kids to violent protests each and every week, encouraging them to engage in violence while taking footage of them (which you actually see in the video) – while denying this constitutes putting them in danger.

Oh, and being a vile antisemite.

But she sure makes a mean breakfast.

This video comes out around the same time as Israel invalidated the press credentials of an Al Jazeera reporter after he said his journalism was part of the palestinian “resistance.”

This is what Al Jazeera represents – not objective journalism but propaganda and terror incitement of the worst kind.

Here’s hoping we closed down their entire operation here for good.

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