BDS Movement Knowingly Promote A Fake “Victory”


The BDS Movement just posted the following “victory” on Facebook.

Another win: UK university ends sales of Sabra hummus after BDS campaign for Palestinian rights.Sabra is jointly owned…

Posted by Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement on Monday, March 12, 2018

The thing is, this is from over a month ago – and it was already proven to be false – as I posted a few days after they celebrated their supposed triumph.

An an email to MEMO, a university spokesperson said: “Sabra products are available from a wide range of shops in the UK and the decision to remove this product from the University shop was made by a new member of staff who was not aware of the correct procedure for making these choices. Coincidentally, and unconnected to the student representations, the shop has recently moved to a new supplier which does not have this product in its range. The decision to go with another supplier is in no way related to the student campaign.”

Of course, the BDS-holes lie about everything, whether it be their true goals, or their claims about Israel. So it is not surprising they would lie about this as well.

It also tells me they are getting desperate to show some results. They are cracking.

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