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Latest Blood Libel: Turkish Jews Massacred 1.5 Million Christian Armenians

The following was posted on an antisemitic Facebook group called TRUTHERS AGAINST ZIONISTS LOBBIES

Lost in the Reporting: Antisemite Simone O’Broin Actually Bruised a Flight Attendant

There's another important detail not being reported

WATCH: Great Explanation of How Anti-Zionism is Latest Incarnation of Antisemitism

American-Israeli author and journalist Yossi Klein Halevi responds to a student questioning why it is ok to "humanize" Zionists

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite of the Day: Simone O’Broin

This one actually made the news!

Shutterstock’s Peddling in Antisemitic Imagery

How did Shutterstock allow these images on their site to begin with? And why the need for a 5-day review?

How Did Linda Sarsour React To…?

Let's play a quick game. We'll call it How Did Linda Sarsour React To...?

If You Condemned Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting But Not Rockets At Israel, You Are a...

If you condemned the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting but not rockets aimed at Israeli men, women and children, then you are a virtue signaling hypocrite

Women’s March’s Pathetic Statement on Antisemitism

Following heavy criticism over their tolerance of antisemitism, the Women's March finally came out with a statement denouncing antisemitism. Except it really didn't.

Dutch BDS-Holes Revel In Their Jew Hatred

Dam Jew haters

Unbridled Jew Hatred: This is QNN

Quds News Network, the Facebook page that spends 24/7 demonizing the Jewish state, recently got sloppy and allowed its inner Jew hater to shine

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