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Senior Hamas Official Clarifies His Position on Jews

Senior Hamashole Fathi Hammad tells us how he really feels

Labor MP Calls Jeremy Corbyn An “Antisemite and Racist”

This may just be correction of the week...or even the year!

Jew Hater CJ Werelman Says Israel Worse than the Nazis

I have written about CJ Werelman before, given his disregard for the truth and proclivity to lie when it comes to Israel. And until now, I have characterized him as an Israel hater. I am now going to refer to him as the Jew hater that he most clearly is.

Roger Waters’ New Disgusting Ploy to Deflect from Antisemitism Accusations Against Him

Antisemite Roger Waters spends a lot of time trying to convince people he is not an antisemite

Ariel Gold “Honored” to Have Antisemite Create Cartoon About Her

Recently-deported-from-Israel Code Pinker Ariel Gold has tweeted her pleasure over being depicted in a cartoon by Carlos Latuff

Linda Sarsour’s Brother Outed as a Vile Antisemite

The brother of faux feminist and Israel hater Linda Sarsour has a Jew hatred problem

Antisemite Gilad Atzmon Handed Humiliating Defeat in Libel Suit

A few months ago, I blogged how antisemite Gilad Atzmon had been sued for libel by Campaign Against Antisemitism’s chairman Gideon Falter.  It turns out Atzmon was handed a humiliating defeat.

Australian Fashion Designer Thinks Jew Hatred is in Fashion

Richard de Chazal describes himself as "one of Australia's most respected haute-couture designers, make-up artists, stylists and photographers." I would describe him as a vile Jew hater.

Latest Israel Conspiracy Theory

Someone seems to be on to us!

Muslim Leader of Interfaith Dialogue Group is DOING IT ALL WRONG

French Imam mam Mohamed Tatai is quite the nasty piece of work

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