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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Message to Richard Spencer, Racist

After the interview with Israeli TV, I am left with little choice

Berl Katznelson On Self-Hating Jews

I recall the words of Berl Katznelson, as he marveled at the continued existence of Jewish Jew-haters

The Bigger Threat

Something that has been on my mind especially this week

Blatant Antisemitism At Aparthaus Paradies Hotel in Switzerland

This would almost be hard to believe if it wasn't, given the increasing Jew hatred we are seeing across the globe

When The American Nazi Party Staged a Protest Outside ‘Exodus’

I cannot imagine this happening today

Charlottesville And The Charlatan Linda Sarsour

The hypocrisy and disingenuity here is astounding

WATCH: Roger Waters Insinuates The Joooooos Are Gagging Him

Not rocket science to figure our what he is saying here

Did Antisemitic Terror Supporter Greta Berlin Announce She is On Way To Israel?

If I am correct, one need not imagine the kind of "mischief" she would try and get up to

Antisemites Call For My Arrest

Bizarro world

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