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Richard Silverstein Humiliates Himself Again. Must Be A Day Ending in a ‘Y’

When your previous tweets contradict your claims by Richard Silverstein

Richard Silverstein Simply Cannot Get Anything Right

Yet another embarrassing display of Slverstein's ignorance on all things, ehh, everything

Richard Silverstein to Parents of Girl Murdered by Terrorist: “Deal With It”

Anti-Israel Douchebloggerᵀᴹ Richard Silverstein once again demonstrates how hateful he is

Richard Silverstein Claims Binyamin Ben-Eliezer Was His “Secret Source”!

Richard Silverstein claims Israel's former Minister of Industry, Trade and Labour, Defense; and Deputy Prime Minister was his most trusted source.

The (Almost) Daily Douche: Timing is Everything Edition

Richard Silverstein yet again demonstrates just how sloppy he is

The (Almost) Daily Douche: Ramallah Edition

Yet again, Douchebloggerᵀᴹ Richard Silverstein (unintentionally) provides for some great entertainment

Richard Silverstein’s “Low Hanging Fruit” of the Day

Richard Silverstein continues to be one of the laughing stocks of the Internet, thanks not only to his inability to get anything right, but his nasty-yet-clumsy insults directed at anyone with whom he disagrees

Richard Silverstein With Yet Another Embarrassing Slip-Up

Hardly a day goes by where Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein proves he is incapable of getting anything right.

It’s Official: Richard Silverstein is One of Dumbest Israel Haters On The Planet

Richard Silverstein proves yet again that despite claiming he is a journalist, he is a failed blogger. And by failed, I mean he cannot get ANYTHING right

Israel-Hater Richard Silverstein Humiliates Himself Yet Again

He has recently been so unhinged - at least more than his (ab)normal self - that I cannot resist posting

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