French Protection

Looks like we have entrusted our security to the Village People.

French soldiers from the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).(AFP/Dominique Faget)

Update: I knew it looked familar..

17 thoughts on “French Protection”

  1. The pants are that short so they don’t interfier when they are running (away)! The gun is on the back to help protect them getting shot in their back when again they are running (away). I mean that gun covers what 30 percent of his back and does not look like it will hit his arms while running (away)
    Makes me have to go back and look at this and it clears it all up.

  2. Hezbollah is Quaking

    Don’t messes-vous with these French peacekeepers! H/T to Isaac Schrodinger, who could use your help. He’s an apostate Muslim who has asked for asylum in Canada. If he returns to Pakistan, he fears he’ll be killed. And also, possibly, …

  3. The Fwench ‘Warrior’

    Ooh la la! Don’t messez-vous with Fwench peacekeepers! They have Hezbollah really scared now!
    La UNIFIL!
    From Israellycool’s Top Ten Separated at Birth photo essay. Check out the link for more hilarious photos.
    A commenter, Billy, at Is…

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