Huffington Post Becomes Even More Irrelevant


The Huffington Post has published a post by the detestable Richard Silverstein after being asked to write for them on the strength of his superb writing skills and impressive knowledge he harassed them long enough that they caved in.

I’ve been querying the editors for some time about writing for the site and this is my first acceptance.

Needless to say, the post contains somewhere between 0-1% fact (I give it perhaps 1%, since he spelled his name correctly). For example:

While Ahmadinejad articulates hatred for the U.S. and Israel and the wish that they would disappear (and don’t we feel the same way about his regime?), he has never advocated genocide against Israel. He certainly realizes, unlike McCain and Israeli right-wing politicians like Bibi Netanyahu, that Iran doesn’t have the capacity to seriously damage, much less eradicate Israel. This is yet another example of misusing the Holocaust for pure partisan political gain.

Meanwhile, on Silverstein’s own blog, the man who has decried the lack of civility by bloggers is trying to get one of his critics fired from his job. All because he has taken the bearded one to task, and even had the temerity to call him a liar.

Which he most definitely is.

But I have to hand it to Silverstein. He somehow manages to retain a deadpan sense of humor, despite being such a nasty piece of work.

One thing I never allow anyone commenting here to say is that I hate Israel. In fact, I love Israel and wouldn’t criticize it at all if I didn’t.

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