Haider’s Killer Revealed


It’s official: deceased Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider was a man’s man.

Stefan Petzner, the successor to Austrian right-wing populist leader Joerg Haider, has shocked the staunchly conservative country by revealing in a tearful interview that they shared a “special relationship”.

Mr Petzner, 27, who was confirmed on Wednesday as the leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO) after Mr Haider’s death in a high-speed car crash two weeks ago, made the admission on Austrian radio, effectively confirming long-standing rumours that he and Mr Haider were lovers.

Attempts by the party to stop repeats of the broadcast failed after the state broadcaster ORF insisted that it would not be gagged.

Mr Petzner, who met Mr Haider five years ago when he was working as a beauty correspondent, said he felt a “magnetic attraction” to the firebrand politician, who was 31 years his senior.

He said that Mr Haider’s main worry was that their relationship would not withstand the age gap.

“We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship,” Mr Petzner said.

“Joerg and I were connected by something really special. He was the man of my life.”

The news stunned Austria, which has been coming to terms with the death of the anti-immigrant politician.

Mr Haider, who voted against a parliamentary motion to lower the age of consent for homosexuals, had presented himself as a family man who drank sparingly.

But after the car crash it was revealed that he had been driving at twice the speed limit, his blood-alcohol level had been four times the legal limit, and he had spent his final hours in a gay bar in Klagenfurt, the capital of the southern state where he was governor.

There has been further speculation that the crash happened after Mr Haider and Mr Petzner argued at a party.

Mr Petzner said that Claudia, Mr Haider’s wife of 32 years and the mother of his two daughters, had not objected to their relationship.

But in an interview published in an Austrian women’s magazine, Mr Petzner’s sister, Christiane, seemed to suggest otherwise.

“Claudia was sometimes jealous of him because he spent more time with her husband than she did,” she said.

Haider’s sexuality is of interest given his far-Right wing views, including his admiration for Adolf Hitler. It would also lend credence to reports that Haider was drunk at the wheel after spending time at a gay bar, something Haider’s admirers at far-Right hate sites have been frantically trying to disprove.

Speaking of the far-Right hate sites, don’t think this latest revelation has them rethinking their Zionist conspiracy theories regarding Haider’s death. They have just made them more outlandish.

Mossad Jews did it
Haider was spied by Mossad, and the spy was his closest aide. Now it seems like Mossad had another Jew infiltrator working as Haider’s aide. If this Jewish faggot Stefan Petzner actually had gay relationship, why he didn’t reveal that when Haider was still alive?

Jewish Stefan Petzner plant will flee to safety of Israel
Now this Jewish pest has been kicked out of the Alliance for the Future of Austria, which means that he is just Zionist plant, who most likely will flee to Israel very soon, because his lies have been exposed to Austrian people, and they are angry because he is defaming Haider’s reputation with Jewish lies.

This will be also related to Israeli movie production
A Jew Sacha Baron Cohen is making a new movie about fictional Austrian homosexual TV reporter, who of course is anti-Semitic Nazi. So Jews had planned this murder a lot before and Sacha Baron Cohen must have been involved in his murder, because otherwise he couldn’t have knowledge of this murder before it happened. When this filthy Zio flick enters the movie theaters, crowd will of course draw line between Haider and this Jew fag Cohen’s character.

The truth
Haider was not a gay, if he was gay, why would Mossad kill him, becaue then they could have blackmailed him? Jews killed Haider and they had planted Jewish faggot infiltrator as Haider’s aide, who after his death will try to divert public from investigating Haider’s death that was arranged by filthy Mossad Jews. Now you can see many Jewish infiltrated sites like Stormfront.org where they scream that Haider was a gay, and nobody is asking for answers about what happened to Haider’s car that night..

You heard it. Bruno did it!

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