The Day In Israel: Sun Sept 6th, 2009

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Elder of Moron and ex US President Jimmy Carter has once again blasted Israel, this time in a Washington Post editorial, claiming that the goal of Israeli leaders “who insist on colonizing the West Bank and East Jerusalem” is “one state.”

This coming from the guy who believes Hamas – which has made no secret of their desire for a one-state solution – is a trustworthy potential peace partner.

Meanwhile, I think the key to being spared Carter’s evil rhetoric is also a one-state solution – vegetative.

Updates (Israel time; most recent at top)

7:10PM: Here is a Hamashole on Hamas TV accusing Israel of trafficking in the organs of palestinians.

Just kidding. That was PA Advisor on National Affairs Omar Al-Ghoul on PA TV.

You know, our “peace partners.”

3:40PM: Transparent lie of the day: Swedish officials have denied that Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt canceled his planned trip to Israel because of Israeli anger at his government’s refusal to condemn the blood libel.

The stated reason?

“It has been delayed until after the General Assembly in New York, when there might be more substance in the process,” Brodin said.

As if there isn’t currently enough to talk about.

3:18PM: Following on from this, yet more proof that the so-called “settlements” are anything but an obstacle to peace.

palestinian laborers - AFP

Palestinian labourers work at a construction site in the Israeli settlement of Givat Zeev on August 26. Israel has stuck to plans to boost settlement construction before considering a Washington-demanded lull, despite widespread criticism that the move risks endangering a revival of peace talks. (AFP/File/Menahem Kahana)

12:55PM: According to a classified report by the Military Intelligence committee, captured IAF navigator Ron Arad died in captivity in the mid 1990s.

10:15AM: Today’s flying pig is brought to you courtesy of the left-wing Ha’aretz.

One of the axioms of the “peace process” is that the settlements are “an obstacle to peace,” as if removing them would instantly bring peace on earth. It’s well known, however, that before 1967 there were no settlements, and no peace – unless, of course, you consider the communities within Israel “settlements,” since the Arabs considered them occupied territory. The greatest contribution of the settlements, then, is that they took the place of Israeli towns as occupied territory, except perhaps for Hamas and considerable parts of the Arab world. Therefore, the formula that removing settlements equals peace is laughable and baseless.

The Arabs’ total-denial approach to Israel never depended on settlement on a particular parcel of land. They are bothered by Jewish settlement in Israel in general. It’s enough to browse through the books of the “moderate” Palestinian Authority to see that Haifa, Jaffa and even Tel Aviv are considered Palestinian cities, while Hamas believes the Wakf land of all Palestine should be expropriated from the Jewish state, which doesn’t have the right to land on either side of the Green Line.

In 2000, Yasser Arafat was offered an Israeli withdrawal from 95% of the territories in exchange for agreeing to end the conflict. He refused, because he didn’t consider this a full withdrawal from Palestinian land. Although Israel made yet another step in leaving the Gaza Strip, not only freezing construction there but evicting the settlers, all it got in return was more war and destruction, a far cry from the peace that removing this “obstacle” was supposed to create. In other words, not only did the Arabs not consider Israel’s older settlements different from the new ones that “endanger peace,” but the eviction of the latter drove them to begin attacking the former.

We know now that one thing that motivated Anwar Sadat to come to Jerusalem was his fear that unless settlements in the Rafah area and Sinai were uprooted, they would grow into large cities that no peace agreement could remove.

The Syrians and Palestinians, on the other hand, believed they had nothing to lose if they maintained their refusal to negotiate, since their land would wait for them, frozen in time, until they could graciously take it back from Israel and then attack again from these positions. They can’t comprehend that they have lost their lands because of their aggression, and that it is immoral to return to an aggressor the positions from which he might renew his aggression, since letting him escape without harm only encourages him to attack again. There can be deterrence only once the aggressor has paid a price that dissuades him from attacking at whim. This is what happened to Germany.

So until there is a permanent status agreement, only Jewish settlement activity can be enough of an incentive to make the Arabs, like Sadat, hurry up and seek peace, because their losses will multiply the longer they wait. We know from the Gaza example that the Arabs’ goal was not to remove Israel from precious land, but to uproot Jews and fight them from the land they left. It is better, then, to keep with the peace-building construction in communities beyond our borders, and only when we see genuine signs of a culture of peace and good neighborliness next door to talk about evacuation – with due consideration to the new reality on the ground, which will change all the more if the Arabs don’t rush toward an agreement.

9:10AM: Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has canceled his planned trip to Israel this week, in the aftermath of the Swedish blood libel and the Swedish government’s refusal to speak out against it.

In contrast, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos said yesterday in Stockholm that he regretted the Spanish newspaper El Mundo’s decision to run an interview with Holocaust denier David Irving.

“The foreign minister, while maintaining the most absolute respect for freedom of expression, regrets that space was given to a historian who denies one of the biggest tragedies for humanity in modern history,” a spokesman for Moratinos said. “These types of statements deeply hurt the Jewish people.”

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post’s picture-caption thing-a-me-bob has screwed up yet again, yet the result makes sense in a strange way.

carl bildt caption error

6:18AM: Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Death Snake.TM

Eyewitnesses said a snake at least one meter long bit a woman on farmland near Salfit. The woman was transferred to the National Hospital in Nablus for anti-venom treatment.

The woman, from Farkha village 20kms north of Ramallah, was farming in the Al-Matwi valley north of the village. The area is known for poor soil quality due to proximity to the Israeli settlement of Ariel, which dumps waste in the adjacent Palestinian farmland.

Locals, who have often accused Ariel settlers of releasing wild boars into villages and farmland, said the snake was likely released from the nearby settlement, noting it escaped after the attack toward the confiscated land.

You have to admire how the Zionist Death SnakeTM knows to attack and then flee to its Zionist owners. That makes it smarter than the average snake, but this is what you should come to expect from us sneaky Zionists.


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