Send Him Back to the Stone Age?

ahmadinejad squashed
"Ouch, that hurt!"

So Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans on visiting Lebanon’s border area with Israel and hurling stones at Israeli soldiers on the other side (otherwise known as the Said maneuver).

Which begs the question: if he does this, how should we respond?

While sending him back to the Stone Age always seems like a tempting option (especially if he will be accompanied by arch Hizbullah terrorist Hassan Nasrallah), humiliating him could also be worthwhile. I’m thinking skunkification, or throwing back a banana.

Update: Comedian Jimmy Fallon’s take:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he’s planning to throw a rock at Israel. And today, Israel introduced its newest defense weapon: paper

Update: Still on the subject of Ahmadinejad, 13 Yale Students recently saw fit to sit down and talk with him. More here.

14 thoughts on “Send Him Back to the Stone Age?”

  1. President Ahmadinejad has said a lot of bad things about Israel, Jews and the West in general. And if you threw a stone or two his way, who could blame you? But humiliation is the response I would choose as well. But I would do it in song. Kander and Ebb comes to mind and my choice of the song collectively sung by the Israeli people would be "Life Is" from "Zorba."

    Life is my fist in your face if you don't keep quiet. (Mahmoud responds: What did you say?) I said life is my fist in your face if you don't keep quiet.
    No wait. I'll tell you what life is. Life is what you do while you're waiting to die.

    If Mr. Ahmadinejad has any appreciation for well-written musical theater, he will be so humiliated.

      1. Many wars, fictional and real, have started on such a maneuver.

        I support Mr. Fallons idea: send Peres with a piece of paper.

        1. There was a war last century that could have been prevented had one side with no brains not accepted a stupid piece of paper.

  2. Pathetic that Yale invited A-Jad to a seminar. But wasn't it Yale that recently decided to eliminate publishing the "Mohammed" cartoons from a book about the subject, out of fear of violence by the thin-skinned Muslims?

    The seminar leader talks about "engagement" with Iran, and that A-Jad is "rational." Engagement is great, if you have someone who wants to find common ground.
    To me, engagement with this dangerous kook is hopeless. It's one-way, and will change dramatically when he's got nukes.

  3. My choice would be a muzzle loaded cannon and a charge pig feces and ball bearings. It would keep him out of the Islamic paradise. Finding 72 virgins for that stinky bugger would be a real challenge, although I think he's more of a goat guy than a ladies man.

  4. Who's he kidding…. the Iranian security apparatus won't allow him anywhere near the range of an Israeli sniper simply because any extremist–Muslim or Jew–could and probably would take the opportunity to send Imadeadoody straight to the almighty with a lead ticket. No, this is grandstanding at its finest and I'm sure all that will really come of it, if anything, will be a VERY hurried photo-op somewhere vaguely near the Israeli border…

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