Anatomy of a Hit-And-Run

Yesterday, much was made of a number of photos showing an Israeli motorist hitting a “young palestinian boy” in East Jerusalem with his car.

israeli car hit palestinian
AFP/Getty Images

What made the story even more juicy for the mainstream media was the identity of the driver – “settler leader” David Be’eri.

The narrative was clear: some palestinian youngsters engaging in some relatively harmless rock throwing, prompting a bloodthirsty settler leader to try and run them down with his car.

Thankfully, we have footage from the incident.


  • The boy running full pace at the car, with rock in hand
  • Despite the danger to his life, the driver honking his horn and trying to swerve out of the way instead of trying to run the boy over
  • The number of photographers who happened to be in place at the time of the incident, and happily snapping away during and after it
  • How only one photographer tries to help the boy after he was hit
  • The smashed back window of the car, which somehow never made it in to the plethora of photographs published by the mainstream media
  • The boy resisting getting into the SUV, likely wanting to stick around and pose helplessly on the ground for some “after” shots

Now doesn’t this paint the incident in a whole different light?

Once again, I encourage you all, my dear readers, of not accepting anything at face value. Especially when it comes to mainstream media reports coming from this region of the world.

(hat tip: Israellycool contributor Brian of London, who respectfully decided not to post this on the Jewish Sabbath when he found out about it).

Update: Honest Reporting speaks to veteran photographer and imagery advisor David Katz, who offers four reasons why the incident “reeks of a set up.”

Update: Some more analysis here (hat tip: Walt)

Update: Compare the footage to the boy’s account:

“I had just left the Friday prayers at the neighborhood’s protest tent when I saw a car speeding towards me,” remembers Amran Mansur, 11, who was ran over by David Be’eri, chairman of the Elad Association promoting Jewish settlement in east Jerusalem.

Amran was released from the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem early on Saturday. “I couldn’t run away in time, I didn’t even have time to signal him with my hands,” he says. “It was clear he did it on purpose. I was on the sidewalk, so there’s no chance it wasn’t deliberate.”


Amran himself speaks quite clearly and says his injuries still cause him pain. Nevertheless, he admits his memory of the event is blurry. “I saw that the two kids next to me had been injured as well and that’s the last thing I remember,” he says.

42 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Hit-And-Run”

  1. As I commented elsewhere, If that would have been me, I would hope to have had the opportunity to first ram my vehicle into the press people and then reverse over them to make sure the job is done.

    Israel's government radio news continued to make Be'eri sound like the guilty one when I heard the news at 7AM. One of these days, the wicked people who control this country have to be vanquished.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      This time I agree with you 100%. Why didn't they press people try to stop a kid from getting himself run over?

      Terrorism? This kid tried to commit suicide!

      1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

        1. This kid should immediately be removed from his parents. Consideration should be given to the other children as well. They should follow the protocol wherely they may nopt be placed in the center of the country. (I was involved for a while with Sherut L'ma'an Hayeled, so I know of what I speak.)
        2. If his parents are not citizens, they should be deported immediately. As above.
        3. The reporters should be tried as accessories to child abuse. If foreign, they should be decalred personna non grata and deported. IF "Paltestinian", they should be jailed for 20 years and then, etc… Their organizations should be expelled in toto. If any work for Israeli organizations, security investigations (less civil rights) should be conducted on their bosses for support of terror.
        4. All of the parents of the children, if not citizens, should have their homes immediately destroyed, as per the British Mandate rules. If close enough, Jewish housing should be built there. The parents should be expelled.

        I mean every word of this. Frankly, I think I am being moderate. Did I miss anything?

      2. Why didn't they press people try to stop a kid from getting himself run over?

        Are you serious? What galaxy are you beaming in your questions from?

        1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

          I am unclear as to what you mean.

          Do you he was not trying to get himself run over? It sure looked like that to me at the time.

          Or do you mean that reporters have no morality? That I could buy.

            1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

              Well, in that case, I will clarify that my intent was simply to point out what scum these reporters are, which makes them pretty typical of their profession – a profession that condisers itself exempt from all morality in the name of "freedom of the press". (There are many exceptions, of course.) Also, the higher-ups are often worse – sending them into danger cavalierly (as I once heard a reporter complain), and quashing articles that don't fit their preconceptions (two examples, on request).

  2. Ahmad Tibi in Twitter, looked very furious over the incident.
    He said: "what could had happened if the kid was Jewish and the driver an Arab?"
    I answered him:
    Tibi: "Israeli kids do not play ambush on the streets….they dont know that game."

  3. seems on youtube, only al jazeerah has the right to spread jew hate using this vid…they have gotten every other copy knocked off

    if i was driving that car…i wouldve turned and finished the job

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      No, I'm sorry, this kid needs help. Shy Guy is right – aim for the reporters. At least get their equipement.

      After this and Gaza, where they gave RANGING INFORMATION, if Al Jezeera if not expelled lock, stock, and barrel….

  4. I agree that you should take nothing at face value when it comes to news reporting from the Middle East. I really don't know what to make of the video I just saw. The intentions of the rock-throwing kids seems clear; to cause damage to the car and if possible injure those inside. What is not clear is the motivation of the driver. Did he fear for his life (I would have)? Was he in a panicked state (ditto for me)? Or was he either indifferent to these kids' well-being or purposely trying to run them over. I simply don't know.

    1. I simply don't care. Eliminating murderers is wonderful thing to do, if the opportunity arises. Say goodbye to paperwork and free happy meals behind bars!

      1. Oh, great. Free Happy Meals in an East Jerusalem jail; that's your solution, is it? And do you know what the toy prize is with each meal? It's a tiny toy Palestinian throwing tiny toy stones. Now where does that get you, Shy Guy?

        1. Reading comprehension 101:

          I'm against wasting money on imprisonment. I'm more than happy to eliminate murderers on the spot.

          1. oops, my bad. You did say you are against prison and Happy Meals for Palestinians. How could I misjudge you so badly, Shy Guy? You did advocate frontier justice over the niceties of modern day jurisprudence of a democratic society. Please forgive me.

                1. This Hebrew Wikipedia article covers the essential halachic rules of "self defense", as defined by the Torah. You can run it through Google translate but it isn't pretty.

                  The comparison of the Midianites' enmity then to today's Arabs is almost 1 on 1.

                  1. Yeah thats confusing as heck. I tried to read the Torah passage, but that only gives a little info. Ill ask a rabbi I know when I see him on Tuesday.

    2. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      He had a little kid next to him. Maybe you can give someone the benefit of the doubt.

      It's too bad they couldn't have at least run over some of the photography equipment.

  5. Does any body have the old al dura video or the one where the "dead guy" falls off the stretcher, gets up and climbs back on for the finish of the video? I can't locate either of them.

    1. Michael Zvi Krumbein

      And since the BBC says it, it must be true. Right?

      By the way, did you forget the words, "who was trying to murder his child"?

      This was a target rich environment. If he was trying to kill someone, why didn't he succeed in at least causing injury?

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