Ten Things About the BDSers Every Person Should Know


 BDS flashmob

  1. BDS really stands for Butch Dykes Singing.
  2. BDSers and “peace” protesters are against some forms of violence. For instance, they are not happy about being hit by the ugly stick.
  3. I used to be all for BDSers themselves boycotting Israeli products, until I realized that would mean them being naked and not using penicillin.
  4. In a bid to get back at the BDS crowd, I plan on boycotting butch, tone-deaf women.
  5. One of the real reasons BDSers hate Israel is because Israel is full of ridiculously good-looking people, and the BDSers…well.
  6. The main similarities between BDSers and the weather in Israel are both involve a lot of hot air and a very small chance of showers.
  7. Will Hung once wanted to join a BDS flashmob but was rejected, since they felt his singing and dancing was way too good and he would just make the rest of them look bad.
  8. Many BDS women steal Israeli products from the shelves in the very hope that they are sent to a women’s prison.
  9. Many organizations the BDS movement, including Code Pink, Jews Against Settlements and Moobs for Palestine.
  10. BDS harbor a particular hatred for Ahava beauty products. Heck, they harbor a particular hatred for beautiful people.
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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.