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Code Pinker Ariel Gold’s Last Brain Cell Officially Boycotts Her

This one tweet thread says it all

Code Pink and Ariel Gold’s Rank Hypocrisy As Shown in a Few Tweets

Not that their hypocrisy was not already evident

What a Feeling! Lionel Richie Blocks Code Pink Following Boycott Calls

Lionel's response is gold of the comedy (not Ariel) variety.

Congressman Calls Out Code Pink For Lying That He’s Boycotting AIPAC Trip to Israel

Rep. Andy Levin publicly calls out Code Pink for lying about him...and Israel

Code Pink’s Priceless Admission About BDS

Another Code Pink fail

Separated at Birth: You Rang? I Ran(g) Edition

Creepy goings-on in Iran

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Calls Me a ‘Misogynist’

Following yesterday's post in which I pointed out Code Pink's ridiculous views on Iran and Israel as evidenced by their respective clothes while visiting both countries, Code Pinker Ariel Gold has attacked me

Code Pink’s Iran Tour Begins

Compare and contrast how they are dressed at the Iranian airport with how they dressed (and acted) at one of Judaism's holiest sites

Code Pinker Ariel Gold’s Fundraiser to Iran Blows Up in Her Face

Not going according to plan

Code Pink’s Spelling is Code Red

Dear Code Pink nincompoops, you had ONE JOB! 

Code Pink Relentlessly Harassing Ziggy Marley

A few news outlets have picked up on fact that Code Pink is harassing Ziggy Marley to boycott Israel - but they have been doing so for a while and he won't have a bar of it


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