A few days ago, Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad launched Viva Palestina Malaysia, the latest “aid” convoy to Gaza, described by some as the “latest international effort to help the Palestinian nation.”

Among the speakers was anti-Israel “new Muslim” Lauren Booth, who said the palestinians’ suffering was the greatest crime against humanity, and repeated her lie that Gaza is “the largest concentration camp in the world today.”

Now view the following video shown at the at the launch, which, amongst other things, claims “Zionists” will take over the world (it is easy to see Mahathir Mohamad’s influence here) and will use terrorism to achieve its goals. 

Yet more proof that the sole purpose of these people is not to help Gazans, but rather to demonize and help faciliate the destruction of Israel.

Something else to bear in mind when reading about the Turkel Commission findings into Israel’s actions against one of these “aid” ships.

8 thoughts on “Latest Hate Convoy Launch”

  1. The people who produced this "futuristic" video are the same ones who made that stinkbomb "Waterworld" starring Kevin Costner. And its just as realistic.

  2. If we own the banks and control the media, then how come we're allowing money to go to this organization, and why are we allowing such videos to hit the market? Some upper-echelon Zionist comptroller is sleeping at the wheel.

  3. shouldve left the japanese in control of those people

    now the japanese new how to run an occupation

    addict the entire population on opium and keep them docile

  4. I am solid pro-Israel, and a supporter of this great site. But it seems to me that the "blockade" has not been effective in stopping anything from getting into Gaza. Construction materials are getting through, and being used to build the luxury hotels, malls, etc. featured here and mostly ignored in the MSM. We hear regular reports of the huge weapons build up in the last two years especially, and of course continuing rocket attacks. I'm interested in the thoughts of others as to why Israel maintains this policy.

  5. The North Koreans are short of hard cash. Perhaps they can be persuaded to torpedo the lead ship for a few bucks. They know how to do this.

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