The Terrorists in Suits

Almost 5 years ago, Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas and is still being held by them.

Which begs the question: If our “peace partners” the PA have signed a unity deal with Hamas, can’t they secure his release?

Here’s your answer:

Sounds to me like the PA also view Shalit as a bargaining chip, and have no intention of exerting any kind of pressure on Hamas.

Which is yet more proof that the differences between the PA and Hamas have more to do with their subtlety and wardrobes than anything else (hat tip: Eitan).

3 thoughts on “The Terrorists in Suits”

  1. So, given the PA and Hamas are now a unified body, Israel should withhold all the "tax" payments they collect on the PA behalf until Shalit comes home, no matter how long that takes.

    1. soloman4israel

      james greetings.
      it sound a good idea on paper but at the moment it would not be such a great idea for israel as you can see the problems with this the last time also pa/hamas are now best friends but hamas holds the chain and the pa are going to be the yappy mut on the end wearing the collar any excuse to cause problems so best not to cause them our-selves also a lot of people do not fully understand the funds that israel gives to the pa.
      gilad shalit as sad as it is,he was/is aware of other problems that he could face doing his duty, as i have mentioned before in previous post the cost to israel for one man is too great a price to pay.
      thank you.

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