Hey, You Wanna Buy An AMD Computer?


Brian of London here, I left the following comment on the Facebook page of West Dunbartonshire Council. You may remember these dummies as the ones that have vowed not to buy any more Jew products, sorry Israeli products or produce:

I was just wondering if you’d like to buy some excellent AMD Processor computers? We have very good value refurbished machines and In light of your ban on Israeli grown or produced products I suspect that you’ll have to replace any computers you have with Intel processors as nearly all such chips were developed here in Israel. It’s actually one of the reasons I find it difficult to sell the AMD ones here.

My company in Israel works extensively with a number of Arab companies in Ramallah and other parts of Judea and Samaria and one of those Palestinian companies would be delighted to get an export order for AMD computers.

Obviously you won’t want to use any of the Microsoft operating systems and we can supply the machines without OS or with a Unix based system via our Palestinian partners, of course, so you don’t have to buy from my predominately Jewish company.

Head over to Facebook, perhaps, and tell them how you think. BTW all of the above is true. It is hard to sell AMD based computers in Israel, they’re really not so bad but for some reason people here (including the Arabs in Judea Samaria) only want the Intel machines!

Aussie Dave adds: Or you could do as I suggested here, and contact the councillors (phone calls the preferred method for those who can).

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