Follow-Up On Whisky Counter Boycott


You will recall the great Whisky Counter Boycott, initiated by Jameel of The Muqata, designed to hit the ignoramuses of West Dunbartonshire Council where it hurts.

Jameel informs by mail that there’s progress!

The Morrison Bowmore Distillery is now sending this form letter to everyone who emailed them about our Whisky boycott…I know they have received hundreds of letters, since I’ve been cc’d on them all. 

This is exactly the response we hoped for…lets see what the West Dunbartonshire Council does now…


Dear Jameel, 

We have received your email regarding West Dunbartonshire Council’s boycott of Israeli products and your views on this decision. Neither Morrison Bowmore Distillery nor Auchentoshan take any political stance and this policy has been made independently from us and without our consultation.

Auchentoshan has invested significantly in working with its many friends and supporters around the world, including the Jewish community and the Kosher London Beth Din, where we recently certified our Auchentoshan Classic as a Kosher Single Malt Whisky. 

As a business we recognise the concerns you have expressed regarding this policy.  We are forwarding your email and separately writing to the West Dunbartonshire Council to ensure it is made fully aware of the potential implications of its policy.

As a valued friend of Auchentoshan we would very much appreciate your continued support.

Kind regards,


Meanwhile, CiF Watch explains here how you can help put more pressure on the councillors. I would just add that where possible, you should call the councillors on their phone numbers I listed here. I know it gets to them. If you do, try to argue dispassionately, and on the facts.

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