The Unbearable Lightness of KOK

Ken “KOK” O’Keefe is well known to regular readers as the antisemitic thug who claimed he took down some Israeli naval commandos, and who unintentionally helped dispel the notion of “Concentration Camp” Gaza.

He’s a huge liar, which is something now his one-time allies are realizing (hat tip: Walt).

Is Ken O’Keefe a Shill?

Most of us are familiar with Ken O’Keefe. He is a renowned activist for Palestinian rights, famous for renouncing his US Citizenship and being aboard the Mavi Marmara when israeli commandos boarded the ship. After the ship was captured, Ken was allegedly beaten by the enraged israelis, and marked as a terrorist.

These exploits have cemented O’Keefe’s reputation, and made him a rising star in the truth movement. But it now appears that Ken’s public persona, and his exploits, were lies. Jo Ann Wescott, a former volunteer and donor to Ken’s many charities, has written several posts on facebook that expose Ken O’Keefe.

She initially accused him of financial malfeasance – using donations made to Palestinian causes for personal gain. She went on to post accounts of Ken threatening people, abusing women, having affairs, ect. She even revealed his connection to a known pornographer and freemason!

It appears she was right. According to unconfirmed reports, Ken O’Keefe is in jail…

On the morning of Thursday, July 28th, Ken O’Keefe posted this message titled: Public Notice – The Hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission.

“As the founder and Managing Director for the Samouni Project and Aloha Palestine CIC, the social enterprises that form the partnership of the Trade Not Aid Mission (TNA Mission) to Gaza, I must declare that a hostile takeover of the TNA Mission is currently underway. The primary instigators of this takeover are Catherine (Cate) Myles and Saeb Shaath.”

That evening, Catherine Myles posted her reply titled: Kenneth O’Keefe’s Accusations

“Hi all, I am sorry I cannot give a full statement now, but I did not begin the end of Ken O’Keefes dictatorship, i merely voted with everyone else who could see what was happening.He can blame me all he likes and accuse me of whatever he wishes.I will make this sacrifice for Gaza.”

Ken O’Keefe’s latest dispatch is posted below:
Hijacking of Trade Not Aid Mission – Endangering Woman in Gaza
by Ken O’Keefe on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 4:45am

Thus far I have been extremely reserved about the events of this hijacking, with regard to the instigators of this hostile takeover I have only stated one primary fact. That is that the vehicles bought with funds acquired for Trade Not Aid were fraudulently registered in the name of Catherine Myles. This fact alone should be sufficient to tell people what this hijacking is all about.

But despite my limiting the information to the facts, the takeover crew are now continuously engaged in a slander campaign ala Jo Ann Westcott. Catherine Myles and Saeb Shaath, are now working as one, and what is being said is disgusting and dangerous. Among the claims these two are responsible for, and this is not a comprehensive list;
1) I have stolen money from my campaign.
2) That I am mentally ill.
3) That I see “Islam is a joke”.
4) That I have “nearly” been arrested twice in Gaza by Hamas because I attempted to lure young woman to my apartment.
5) That I am unwelcome in Gaza.

I have spoken to Noor Harazzen, the Palestinian Director for the Samouni Project in Gaza, she has verified that she and any other woman I had contact with is now in danger in Gaza. These lies are actively being spread both online and with the people of Gaza directly, including the Samouni family. The maliciousness of spreading these lies with the children of the Samouni family, children I helped build a playground for, children I am developing a classroom and education program for, is tantamount to emotional torture. These children love me and I love them, and the spreading of lies about me to them is unforgivable. It reeks of Zionist tactics and shames everyone involved.

With the Samouni kids.

For those who do not know, the accusation that a young, un-married woman would be involved in an intimate relationship with a married, Western man is explosively dangerous. Noor is a courageous young woman and I am honoured to have her as a sister and a colleague, but I am angry that such a dedicated young sister would be put in serious danger, used as a pawn by people stealing a mission intended to help Palestine. All of this is nothing more than a blatant power grab, and Noor, along with other Palestinian sisters are apparently meaningless.

Saeb Shaath knows the danger I am speaking about here and thus I cannot be silent about the disgraceful role Mr. Shaath is playing in this madness. Mr. Shaath was in my home in the last week, he held my baby boy and claimed to bless him; he said repeatedly, minutes before the “committee” meeting used to hijack my mission, “I am behind you 100% brother”.

At this point Catherine Myles is no better than Jo Ann Westcott, both are first class slanderers who would be facing slander and liable charges in court if only I had the money. Saeb Shaath is now part of this threesome, claiming to lead the mission I founded, Saeb Shaath is by his participation and silence party to a fraud, and now he is complicit in a slander and recklessly endangerment that puts young woman in Gaza in grave danger.

If anything happens to any of the woman I knew in Gaza then Catherine Myles, Jo Ann Westcott and Saeb Shaath should all be held responsible. I call on Saeb Shaath to preserve some semblance of dignity, walk away from this disgraceful hijacking and condemn both Jo Ann Westcott and Catherine Myles for their dangerous and disgusting slander.

Notice how the author uses the word “allegedly” when referring to KOK’s claim of being beaten by the Israeli naval commandos – even he does not trust a word that comes out of KOK’s mouth.

Notice also how KOK blames his predicament on the Zionists!

It’s enough to make KOK shed a tattoo tear or two.

As for me, I’m enjoying watching this, in the same way I enjoy watching Hamas and Fatah kill each other.

Update: Jo Ann Wescott claims on her Facebook page that KOK and his people have threatened her.

I have been threatened in so many ways by Ken and his people. I have to distribute as much information pertaining to his scams of stealing Gaza donations & bringing Pornographers to the children & young women of PALESTINE. I have to distribute as much as possible before my account is Deleted. Any day can be the last day.

Obi Wan, you are her only hope.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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