Lauren Booth Can’t Stop Lying

As I have pointed out previously, Israel hater Lauren Booth is the porker who can’t stop telling porkers, especially when it comes to the circumstances of her conversion to Islam.

In this latest video, she offers yet another version.

Her latest porkers include:

  • Mentioning her journey beginning in palestine in 2005 (from 2:55), something she did not mention in her previous versions.
  • Adding a new story – a visit to Jenin where she was confronted by a child with a real gun, only to be saved by a taxi driver. Why had she not mentioned this incident in any earlier version?
  • Describing her encounter with a woman who invited her to her cement hovel in the Rafah refugee camp during Eid (10:40). In this previous account, she states it was Iftar.
  • Describing how the woman’s smile and greeting made her forget the terrible surroundings, and made her feel like she was in the Taj Mahal. In the previous account, it was not just the smile and greeting of the one woman, but of everyone present.
  • Mentioning how the woman cooked for nine people, as opposed to the sixteen in her previous version.
  • Asking the woman how her god can make her go hungry for a whole month, especially considering the difficult living conditions in Gaza. The woman answers “We fast in Gaza to remember the poor.” In the previous account, she asks this question of all the people present, who answer that “they loved Allah and His prophet more than anything else in the world. Since Allah asked Muslims to fast, they obeyed His command with gratitude.” 
  • No mention of  her contact with Somali and Eritrean cab drivers in the UK, whose passion about Islam she described here as overwhelming her. Perhaps not so overwhelming after all.
  • In her description of her experience in Qom, describing an encounter with a young woman who came up to her, held her hands, looked in to her eyes and said “I love you.” (15:05). Booth says the love between them was “almost fierce”, but somehow this story is missing from all the previous accounts of her experience in Qom. 
  • Not mentioning the incident of the old lady in Ramallah who gave her a coat, hat and scarf, an incident she described here as being “an act of generosity I have never forgotten.”  Well, it seems as though she has forgotten it after all.
  • Detailing the questions her children asked her (15:45):
    “When you are Muslim, will you still be mommy?”
    “Will you smoke when you are Muslim?”
    “When you are Muslim, will you drink alcohol?”
    “When you are Muslim, will you wear low-cut tops?”
    In this previous version, the first question is absent, the order is different, and the last question is worded very differently (“Will you have your breasts out in public now you are a Muslim?”)

This woman seems to take the same approach to lying as she does to eating: she just can’t stop doing it.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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