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Scenes From London’s Al Quds Day, August 21, 2011

If you thought the video of the previous post shows England has serious problems, get a load of the following, taken from Sunday’s Al Quds Day in London.

Exhibit A: Lauren Booth accusing Israel of all manner of crimes, lauding Hamas, calling for terrorism (e.g. “The Israeli’s will never have a moment’s good sleep in their beds. May they never have a second to taste the sweetness of tranquility so long as one palestinian child rots in their prison or one child dies under their bombs!”), as well as calling for the Arab states to “liberate Al Quds”

Exhibit B: Abdul Wahid, Chairman of the pan-Islamic oganization Hizb ut-Tahrir, speaking of his respect for the fighters “making Jihad” against the Israelis and calling for the libration of Al Quds (“You can’t take an army, which is a nation’s army, a terrorist nation’s army, and defeat it with sincere small fighters. It needs some of those states around to release their armies to burn that land and then that region will see peace like it had in the past. Because the only time that land has seen peace between Muslim, Christian and Jew living side by side was when sincere Islamic rulers ruled with justice.”)

Exhibit C: Shabbir Rizvi with some good old fashioned racist poetry (On Obama: “Uber Uncle Tom history will call you, and a coconut is always white on the inside and black outside”)

Exhibit D: John Rees of Stop The War Coalition seeing no problem speaking at a rally calling for Israel’s violent overthrow, while lauding violent acts against the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Exhibit E: Sunday The Rabbi Spoke At A Rally Calling For Israel’s Destruction


Exhibit F: Some peaceful scenes from the rally.

More here.

31 thoughts on “Scenes From London’s Al Quds Day, August 21, 2011”

  1. i thought al quds day is at the end of ramadan

    makes sense that they got the day wrong, as the idiot prophet never figured out that the lunar calender loses days every year

    im sure the first ramadan was in the middle of winter

    so tell me again how ramadan is all about love

    filthy religion

      1. give me your email addy and i will gladly send you my address in los angeles

        so after you eat all those dates, do you get a sugar high that makes you brave?

        i stand by my statements…you are a part of a filthy religion, built on lies

        religion of peace, my fat.. jewish butt

  2. Booth makes some explicit charges against the IDF. It would be a good thing to get them investigated to see if there is any truth to them or if they are just malicious fabrications. She seems to believe what she has been told by phone from Gaza. Is there a way to alert the IDF to these allegations?

  3. Yeh Sab Muslman Hain Islam Dushman Dakhly Main Sipha Sahaba Ko Lanat Karta Hon Jo Apny Apko Muslman Hone Ka Dawa Tu Karti Hai Par Muslmano K Kise Ayse Islamai Kam Main Shairk Nahin Hoti Lanat Hai SSP Par ,

  4. “The World Stopped Nazism”

    Their best friends of old. Muslims still mourn the loss of the Jerusalem Mufti’s fellow traveler in Jew-hatred and vow to finish his work.

    “The World Stopped Apartheid”

    No it didn’t. Every Islamic state is an apartheid state, and every Muslim-majority country is a de facto apartheid country.

  5. Oh, and by the way, Dave,

    Do you mind converting those pics to JPEG? Even on broadband, uncompressed Windows Bitmap files (BMP) take unnecessarily long to load.

  6. Without America Israel are nothing, America is in major financial trouble, and 3 Billion Dollars she gives to Israel will soon stop. Quds Day is a Worldwide International protest against the government of Israel for the genocide against the Palestinian people.

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