Ahmed The (Soon To Be Dead) Terrorist?


M’aan News (Arabic) has reported that jailed PFLP terrorist Ahmed Saadat has drifted into a coma.

[warning: shoddy auto-translation] 

ahmad-saadatMa’an – confirmed the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the deterioration of the health status of its Secretary-General Ahmed Saadat, the leader and its entry in the recurrent episodes of coma after losing a large part of its weight.

The Front said in a statement arrived “together” a copy of that response will be harsh loaded with the Netanyahu government full responsibility for the lives of its Secretary General.

Front and warned the Israeli occupation authorities against the consequences of their practices “repressive and terrorist” against the Palestinian prisoners and deprive them of basic human rights by Santha and confirmed by the Fourth Geneva Convention, which hit the wall by the occupation government.

Interestingly enough, Maan News (English) has no mention of this development, although in a report yesterday, his health was described as “very worrying.”

Despite the fact that going on a hunger strike is not so good for one’s health, Firas Press (Arabic) prefers to blame Sadaat’s condition on Zionist Death Snakes.TM

The Director of the Abu Jihad for the Prisoners Affairs at the University of Jerusalem, Fahed Abu Haj that the management of the interest of the occupation prisons planned to kill the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Saadat, who is being held in solitary solitary confinement since his arrest in 2006, through several means, most recently put snakes in his cell.

Hajj said in a press statement: ‘The occupation authorities put snakes inside the cell, Saadat unilateral, as well as about his subject to solitary confinement and restrictions upon the deprivation of basic human rights, and barred him from visiting’.

He pointed out that the Prison Service gave up their attempts to kill him by following the previous procedures, placing his cell had snakes, pointing out that when he discovered the snake is the interest of the prison to kill her, but he was surprised the next morning the presence of other cell had a snake.

Abu Al Haj promised that leaving no room for doubt that the interest of his prison intends to kill Saadat.

Either way, here’s hoping Ahmed Saadat is soon Ahmed the dead terrorist.

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