Jew-Hater Kevin Jones Tries The Weiner Defence


Following my post exposing Kevin Jones of Oakland California as a vile antisemite (including pointing people on his friends list to this post), Jones seemed to thumb his nose in defiance by linking to my post from his Facebook page. He also deleted the offending tweets.

Now I see he has gone for the Weiner defence (which is ironic, since Weiner is Jewish)

I am guessing his mother asked him to distance himself from the tweets since they could discredit the Occupy movement.

The problem is it is highly unlikely he was hacked.

For a start, you’d expect the following from someone whose Twitter account was hacked in order to send vile antisemitic tweets:

  • Explain he was hacked
  • Apologize for the disgraceful tweets and disavow them

You certainly wouldn’t expect them to be parading from their Facebook page the link to the post exposing the vile tweets, without comment.

The other problem with his defence is his Twitter timeline at the time of the antisemitic tweets contains tweets dealing with Occupy Oakland, which he clearly supports. He even manages to combine the two topics with these tweets:

In short, Kevin Jones of Oakland California is lying and he can’t even do that well.

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