Hamashole Compliments Mossad

Chief Hamashole Kamal Ranaja was killed earlier this week, with Hamas quickly accusing the Mossad of being behind his death. 

Now at least one other Hamashole is doubting it was Israel – because the way he was killed was too cruel for the Mossad!

kamal ranajaWho assassinated Hamas official Kamal Ranaja? Hamas is pointing fingers at two opposite directions – Israel and the Syrian regime.

While members of the terrorist organization blamed Israel’s Mossad for the Damascus assassination, other Hamas members claimed that Bashar Assad’s forces were behind the hit.

The main reasoning for this hypothesis is that the method of the assassination does not fit the Mossad’s MOs. Arab media reported that Ranaja suffered a particularly brutal death.

 According to the report, assassins broke into his apartment, interrogated him under torture and the murdered him. The assassins then cut off his head, placed the severed body parts in a closet and set the apartment on fire – not forgetting to take away with them some secret documents.

“The Mossad would have killed him differently, this was not its MO,” said Mohamed Hifawi, a member of the Local Coordination Committees (LLC) in Syria on behalf of Hamas. “Israeli assassins would have done it quicker and cleaner and would not have wasted time needlessly abusing the body.”

“The way the body was mutilated and the attempt to burn the house are all methods that point to the involvement of the (Syrian) security forces,” he told AFP.

In a message to the French news agency, Hifawi mentioned other details which support his supposition. “He was visiting Syria and nobody knew he was in the country apart from the security services who gave him permission to enter.

“He arrived at an apartment in a neighborhood in Qudsaya which was under a curfew and could only be accessed by the security forces and the regime’s thugs.”


The delegation’s members were careful not to blame Syria for the assassination but one member noted, “We nevertheless have serious allegations as far as Ranaja’s security detail. The Damascus security forces knew who he was and when he was arriving and still he was assassinated.”

This accords with the view of some Israeli security experts, who do not believe Israel was behind the hit.

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  1. I agree, if the Israelis did it – they would have quickly killed him and not lingered for any torture sessions.

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