Richard Silverstein Modifies His “Wikileaks Of Israel” Claim


On Richard Silverstein’s Twitter profile, the anti-Israel blogger includes a supposed quote from Israel’s Channel 2:

Interestingly enough, Silverstein had the same quote on his website until recently, but with a slight difference.

Besides the fact the above makes it look like Channel 10 wants its viewers to support his blog , why the change from “Channel 10” to “Channel 2”? I am not aware of Channel 2 ever referring to Silverstein in this way, but we already know that Channel 10 completely mocked the notion of Silverstein being anything like “Wikileaks.”

I have in the past asked Silverstein to provide proof of any Israeli channel referring to him as the “Wikileaks of Israel” but, alas, he has failed to do so.

In any event, the fact he has changed the source of the quote is a further indication this man and the truth are mortal enemies.

Update: In yet another indication, Silverstein is refusing to change his post to reflect the true situation with regard to Caterpillar, which I brought to his attention over 4 days ago.

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