BBC Sport Employee Who Edits Israel Page Hates Jews

I will provide enough evidence to prove the title’s assertion. The person who first uploaded, then edited and then re-edited this page about Israel is a Jew hater.

First I will bring you up to date on what I discovered on Wednesday. A change to the declaration of the size of Israel. I reported that first here.

I also submitted a third formal complaint which included a list of other countries whose borders are in dispute yet whose pages contain no qualifiers to size. This, of course includes the UK.

Last night I received exactly the same form email brush off from the BBC that they’ve been using since they changed the page in response to the Prime Minister’s first complaint. This form email is the one alleging my complaint was “generated by online lobby activity”. Whatever that strange alusion to a shadowy Zionist conspiracy of letter writers might indicate.

So this morning I re-submitted a follow up complaint and declared myself unhappy with their answer:

Some time between 25/07 and 29/07 the BBC Sport website page for Israel was changed to further delegitimise Israel. This was after the changes that were made in response to the Prime Minister’s letter.

The Size of Israel (previously just stated as “size 22,072km2” like all other countries) was qualified with this phrase:

Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics cites (including Jerusalem and Golan) 22,072km²

This is after and separate from the whole Jerusalem / East Jerusalem / Palestine re-write.

No other country, including many which have border disputes, has a qualified size.

I’ve complained officially and still received (over night last night) the form email using the “lobby activity” trope.

More details on my web page including screen shots before and after:

I have also passed this complaint on to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (the one in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel).

So sometime after correcting the page to note that Jerusalem was the seat of government (not the capital of Israel) somebody who works for BBC Sport, completely on their own initiative went and edited ONLY Israel’s page to make a political point about the size of Israel.

There is only one reason for doing this: this person hates the existance of a Jewish state and, as I don’t mess about with terms like antisemitism any more, this is Jew hatred. I’m also fairly clear that nearly all modern expressions of “support” for Palestinians are more likely just thinly disguised exhibitions of Jew hatred.

So the person who edited that page, and only the page of the Jewish state, did it out of a hatred for Jews.

And I dare the BBC to tell us who did it and why.

Summary from the start:

The story so far: a week or so before the start of the Olympics, eagle eyed concerned citizens Zionist stooges spotted something odd on the BBC Sport’s website. The site gave a brief fact sheet for every country. One of the salient facts given was the capital city.

Odly enough Israel appeared to have no capital city and a strange and mythical country called “Palestine” had it’s capital in another strange place called “East Jerusalem.

My first post contained the text of a formal complaint I submitted to the BBC: Poisoning minds like Nazis poisoning Jews.

The Prime Minister also chose to complain directly to the BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau chief (is the irony not lost on them?). This led the BBC to climb down and alter the page with the weasel words:

Due to an error which was made at the time the information was added onto the website, incorrect details and mistakes appeared on the Israeli and Palestinian team pages. This has since been rectified in line with BBC policy.

It seems that this was in response to the first set of complaints and specfically those of the Prime Minister.

But what they changed it to wasn’t good enough. I’ll ignore their pointless dreaming about the one day status of the never before existent “East Jerusalem” as a capital for the also mythical country of Palestine. Their designation for Israel now read:

Seat of Government: Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.

In this post I pointed out the idiocy of this statement especially in light of so many other countries that have split seats of governments. The Prime Minister and I also wrote another formal complaint.

The brush off answer to those secondary complaints contained the following strange phrase: “generated by online lobby activity”. An allusion to a kind of Zionist conspiracy to waste the BBC’s time with something so pointless as trying to get, say, facts straight?

And so we arrive at my discovery of the change to the BBC’s page suddenly inserting the following qualification for the size of Israel:

Now they’re telling us the size of Israel is 22,072 km² (screen cap on the left). What’s the difference? We are now informed that this number is the work of the “Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics” and includes “Jerusalem and Golan”.

 Now jump back to the top for the conclusion….



Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian is an indigenous rights activist fighting for indigenous people who’ve returned to their ancestral homelands and built great things.

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