Don’t Lecture Him On Judaism


richard silversteinAnti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein considers himself knowledgeable on Judaism. And takes issue when non-Jews try to lecture him on it.

“Muslim Rage” and the Hypocrisy of the Western Liberal Elite

I feel the same way when non-Jews try to lecture me about what Judaism is or isn’t–usually by way of saying why I’m not a proper Jew. What chutzpah. I, who lived and pondered this religion I’ve born into my whole life–being lectured by someone who doesn’t have the faintest idea about what this religion all about.

There are, it is true, even a few Muslims who’ve taken up the cry of the western liberal elites. We expect to hear such attacks from figures like Salman Rushdie, who provoked Muslims with his portrayal of the Prophet in Satanic Verses and who was demonized in return. There are others like Qanta Ahmed, who wrote a strange op-ed in Haaretz in which she suggested to her Muslim brothers that they would do well to emulate the spirit of humility, repentance and forgiveness represented by the Jewish holiday of Selichot.

There is no Jewish holiday of Selichot. Selichot are a series of penitential prayers and liturgy we begin reciting a number of days before Rosh Hashana.


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