How To Bake A Terrorist


Remember Khader Adnan? Remember how Israel insisted he’s a high roller in the Islamic Jihad, while many around the world, including various media sources claimed he’s just an innocent baker? Well, the Islamic Jihad has now officially admitted he’s one of their leaders.

Adnan’s “Media war”: the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.

The leader of the Islamic Jihad movement Sheikh Khader Adnan said that the PA authority’s president Mahmoud Abass’ remarks regarding the fate of the Palestinian states with 67 borders is not new, but what distinguishes the remark this time is that in coincided with two important events, the Balfour declarations, and the admittance by Israel of killing Abu-Jihad (Khalil al-Wazir) 24 years ago.

Addressing the PA leadership, Adnan said: “You have reached out to the Zionist media with a fateful remark, we call on the Palestinian leadership to come out and explain to the public the irresponsible statements”.

“Who doesn’t want to their homes they were displaces from?” Adnan said in the statement on Sunday, referring to the remarks made by Palestinian authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, in which he said that he is not entitled to return to his home town of Safed because it is now inside the Zionist enemy. “He does not speak for the Palestinian people who have made, and continue to make sacrifices and paid for in blood and body parts to recover their land, stolen and occupied by the criminal Zionist occupation.

Indicating that the liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea is their legitimate duty, they cannot edit his words to say the right thing, and that editing is Haram.

At the same time, he’s stressing that no one, Palestinian or not, has the right to say that the right of return is not the right of the Palestinian people who abandoned their cities and territory under the death blows and murder by the criminal Zionist occupation.

The PIJ is labelled a terrorist organization by the US, EU, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and obviously Israel. Anyone still claiming Adnan is a baker, is whitewashing Islamic terrorism.

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