When It Comes To Military Equipment, Never Trust Israeli Media

If Israeli mainstream media is bad, their military illustrations are even worse.

According to some reports, the retaliatory fire today by the IDF artillery corps at a Syrian mortar battery was done with one of the most advanced weapon systems in the IDF’s arsenal, the Tamuz missile. It’s existence was declassified a year ago, and it was used extensively during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead.

Here’s what the system looks like:

And a different variant, also intended for export, is known as the Spike Non-Line-Of-Sight:

It has a 25 km range and electro-optic guidance that is used to steer it in mid-flight at whatever, or whoever, is about to die in the next few minutes, be it a tank:

Or some dude in the first floor by the left window of this building in Lebanon:

And what does Ynet use as an illustration? This:

An American M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System.

What does Haaretz use as an illustration? You guessed it, an MLRS as well:

This photo is from the same exercise shown in the following video at the 0:22 mark. Also, you might want to watch till the end, where some Hamashole gets a real nasty surprise.


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