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Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With Boston

I haven’t posted anything on here yet about the terrorist attack in Boston (although I was posting on the Israellycool Facebook page at the time) but I would like to say our thoughts and prayers are with the American people, and especially those directly affected by the senseless terror attack we witnessed in Boston half a day ago.

If you haven’t seen this already, this is the most frightening and vivid footage at the scene I have found.

Notice what appears to be an Israeli flag around 2:05. I found that very symbolic, since we have dealt with similar attacks for a long time now.

We had a personal connection to the attack: my wife’s uncle was at the finish line when the attack occurred. We immediately checked Facebook for updates and learned quickly he was thankfully fine.

While we don’t know for sure who the culprits are, reports indicate a person of interest – a Saudi national in the United States on a student visa – is being guarded at a local hospital.


Meanwhile, here is a response to the attacks I thought you should all see.

I will post updates during the day if I find time to interrupt our Israeli Independence Day festivities (yeah, the show must go on for us, but this news has really affected us over here).

Update: The Algemeiner reports:

Hours following a pair of blasts at the Boston Marathon that left 2 dead and up to 100 wounded according to reports, a chief doctor at the hospital where many of the patients are being treated credited Israelis with teaching his team how to respond to such disastrous attacks.

“About two years ago in actual fact we asked the Israelis to come across and they helped us set up our disaster team so that we could respond in this kind of manner,” said Alastair Conn, Chief of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital, responding to a question about the preparedness of his staff to handle trauma on this scale.

Earlier in the interview Conn was asked, “Would you characterize these as almost something you would see in a military setting?”

“Oh absolutely, absolutely this is like a bomb explosion that we hear about in the news in Baghdad, or Israel or some other tragic place in the world,” he responded.

10 thoughts on “Our Thoughts And Prayers Are With Boston”

  1. The Boston Marathon bombings, like almost anything else, provides Richard Silverstein with fodder to twist to portray Israelis as monsters.

    Here’s a quote from what he writes in his posting today about the Boston tragedy:

    “Israeli leaders … never pay a price for being too aggressive in attacking Palestinians and Arab states in pursuit of Israel’s national security objectives. Hence the plentiful Arab blood spilled over the years during wars and invasions Israel has often provoked…”

  2. Silverstein is sick in his hatred for Israel to use this Boston tragedy/terrorist act as a pretext to lash out at our Israeli friends. His posts are nauseating and offensive.

  3. Dear readers of Israellycool, until it’s revealed who is responsible for this attack, please refrain from speculating on who did it. Nothing good will come out of it except wasted time.

  4. Two thoughts: First, it is good to hear that the doctors at MGH were able to save lives using the skills they learned from Israeli doctors and first responders. These skills need to be taught in more hospitals in the US and in European cities that are likely to be targeted by bombings.

    Secondly, it is too early to jump to any conclusions about who was behind this horrible terror attack. It could have been an Islamic terror group, but it could just as easily been the work of white supremacists (like Tim McVeigh), deranged loners (like Ted Kaczynski) or Christian fanatics (like the Atlanta Olympics bomber). We should wait to get more information before concluding that Al Qaeda or their allies are behind this.

    Of course that makes Silverstein’s vile spewings even more repugnant. No one has blamed Muslims for this; the police and FBI are investigating and the President has refused to blame anyone until then. And if it turns out to have been a Muslim terror cell then their actions are just as dispicable and unwarranted as if it were a militia member like McVeigh or a lunatic like Kaczynski. Silverstein shouldn’t be worried about Tikun Olam; he should be worried about the Tikun he needs for his own soul. His baseless hatred is doing the opposite of Tikun Olam. He’s adding to the destruction and corruption in the world.

  5. I read Kapodickie’s vile comments about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, in which he blames Obama, the USA, and Israel, not necessarily in that order. Here’s an open letter to him. I cleaned it up just a little.

    Dear Little Kapodickie:

    You are truly an asshole. Not just some ordinary, run-of-the-mill rectal orifice, but a posterior opening large enough to drive a Kenworth truck through. After a few perfunctory words about how the bomber possibly may not be a towel-head but perhaps a God-fearing Caucasian Christian like Eric Rudolph, you get down to who the real culprit is: Barack Obama. Moreover, by writing that the bombing was revenge for U.S. drone attacks on Islamic “freedom fighters” you’re admitting that the attack was caused by Muslim terrorists. Know something the rest of the world doesn’t know yet, Sheik?

    Why Obama? Well, because he hasn’t thrown Israel under the bus, much to your chagrin. Because he went after and killed Osama Bin Laden, rather than putting his skinny Islamic ass on trial in NYC, making lower Manhattan, and probably the rest of New York City, a target for the trial’s duration, and almost certainly long after? Because he uses drones rather than our boys to kill terrorists, putting the camel humpers’ families at risk? Because Obama turned out to be a great leader, rather than the William Ayres clone you thought you were voting for?

    Well, douchebag, isn’t that just too damned bad! Did the 9/11 terrorists say, no, we’re only going after military targets? Nope. Virtually all of the 3,000 people they murdered were civilians, who were engaged in such warmongering imperialist behavior as showing up for work. Moreover, you skinny little anti-Semitic sucker of minuscule Muslim members, it was the terrorists who chose to live at home with their wives and children, thereby putting them at risk. They were the cowards, not us. Nor are the Israelis, when your diaper-headed Palestinian heroes do the same to Israel’s civilians, mostly for the crime of riding a bus.

    I have read a lot of your commie bullshit, and that spewed by your sycophants. But this “blame America” and “blame Israel” crap for a terrorist attack on people either participating in or running a race is a new low, even for a kapo scumbag like you.

    Not only are you a disgrace to Judaism, you’re a blight upon humanity.

    Go strangle yourself with Mrs. Ahmadinejad’s burkha.

    Mr. Hasbarist

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