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He’s The Batman

He being Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, who today was personally involved in taking down a terrorist

This Week In New York Times Headlines

Finding bias at the New York Times is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Terror In Tel Aviv: 9 Stabbed On Bus; Media Does Its Usual Thing

More lethal terror and lethal journalism

Terrorist Sympathizers Speak Out Against (Some Of) Terrorism In France

Roger Waters And Russell Brand open their pie holes and condemn the terrorism of their choosing

Now It’s Mary Hughes-Thompson Turn To Blame Paris Attack On Israel

Greta Berlin's Free Gaza co-founder is just as hateful and evil as her plastic cohort

Clueless Nincompoop Of The Day


Greta Berlin Says Israel Behind Terror Attack In France

Because in Evil-lin's worldview, Muslims=good, Jews=bad

More Terror, More Media Bias

Same old story. The terrorists go after Israelis, as do the media

Anti-Israel Neturei Karta Shocked Muslims Would Celebrate Massacre Of Jews

But have they changed their ways?
The Dhimmi

The World According To PFLP And Islam

That synagogue and those praying Jews represented an ongoing attack on Islam.

Richard Silverstein’s Only Comment On Har Nof Terror Attack

He's clearly utterly offended. Perhaps even sickened.

More Shameful Reactions To Today’s Massacre of Jewish Worshipers

Too much to fit in one post
photo Rav Twersky z"l

Victims of Terror Tragic Loss: Rav Moshe Twersky z”l

May his memory be a blessing


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