Guess Who Insidious Sara Quotes?


Fresh off the Israel-is-actually-Occupied-Palestine gaffe from yesterday, Sidner now tries to fill in enough words to make up an article on Stephen Hawking’s sudden spat of hypocrisy. And who does she quote? None other than Ali Abunimah and Omar Barghouti.

Well to be exact, I don’t see “retweeting” a tweet on MSM as quoting, but rather as being lazy, but hey, that’s Sidner for you.

One tweeter, Ali Abunimah, observes: “Amazing how many Israelis on Facebook want Stephen Hawking dead, electrocuted or made to suffer in other nasty ways.”

And like where she didn’t explain why there was a war with Hezbullah, she doesn’t mention who Abunimah is, or what Death-to-Israel site he runs.

There’s also a lengthy suck-up to Barghouti:

Omar Barghouti, one of the founding members of the movement, told CNN: “Stephen Hawking is the most prominent academic today to respect the Palestinian boycott guidelines and to refuse to visit Israel. This reminds us of the moral weight of academics in the boycott of apartheid of South Africa.”

He said Hawking had been convinced by the “unanimous Palestinian voice” he heard from his contacts within the Palestinian community.

“There is deep appreciation among the Palestinians for Professor Hawking’s respecting the boycott, and we sincerely hope that we convince many hesitant academics to follow suit and to shoulder a moral responsibility of boycotting Israel until it complies with international law,” Barghouti said.

Unanimous? Not only does Barghouti himself not boycott Israeli academia (as he has a Master’s from Tel Aviv University), but it appears that the Palestinian speaker in the aforementioned convention, Munib Al-Masri, couldn’t care less about said boycott and will attend.

How insidious is Sarah? So much so that instead of giving an actual bio on Chemi Shalev, she just copy-pastes from his Twitter account.

Haaretz writer Chemi Shalev, who describes himself as a “political junkie, proud father, concerned Israeli, veteran journalist,” tweets: “My take: Stephen #Hawking is now the academic boycott movement’s unlikely poster boy.”



Stay classy Sara.

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