Silverstein’s Motto: Innocent Until Proven Israeli

Some Israelis have claimed they were subjected to an antisemitic verbal attack at a Beyonce concert in Germany.

Beyonce The soldier, Nathanel Zerad, told JTA that the incident last week at the O2 World Stadium left him and his friends fearful.

Spokespeople for the Berlin police and the concert organizer, Go-On Promotion, said no incident had been reported. The incident was first reported in the Israel Hayom newspaper.

Zerad said the Israelis had come to Berlin for a long weekend, which started with the Beyonce concert on May 23. Standing at the head of the line to enter the venue, Zerad said the Israelis were verbally attacked by a group of about 50 Germans who wanted to move ahead of them.

“Some of them noticed that we were speaking Hebrew,” Zerad told JTA. “One of them said, ‘You stink, you should go back to Israel.’ A girl said, ‘You guys smell so bad. Why didn’t he die in the Holocaust?’ ”

The young Germans began to shout at the Israelis to “go, go, go,” he said. They accused the Israelis of pushing, “which was not true  because we were first in line. We had no need to push. We were there already.

“So they started pushing us; they said ‘You are Jewish, go back to Israel, we wish that the Holocaust would succeed so you all die,’” Zerad recalled. “One guy came up to me and said, ‘Don’t mess with my girls, I will hurt you,’ and things like that.”

Zerad said the Israelis reported the incident immediately to nearby security personnel, “But the security guy believed the Germans; he said, ‘You are 10 and they are 50,” and “The Germans told us that you are pushing and if you continue we will send you out.’ ”

The Israeli concert-goers moved back in the line to defuse the situation, the soldier said.

“There were no police there,” Zerad said. “If there were, I would definitely go to them.”

Zerad said he and his friends are seeking a way to report the incident via the Israeli authorities.

“During all the concert, I was concerned and afraid that they would come to me after the concert and beat me or my friends,” he said.

He added, “I cannot even tell you how I feel even now, for being in such a racist moment that I thought would never be, especially in Germany with all the history there.”

Enter the douchebloggerTM, who’s motto is innocent until proven Israeli.


In Silverstein’s mind, the Israeli version cannot be believed is the Israeli version.

If this isn’t a visceral hatred of Israel and Israelis, I don’t know what is.

7 thoughts on “Silverstein’s Motto: Innocent Until Proven Israeli”

  1. Silverstein deserves the distinction of being mentioned in medical journals — for a pathological mental condition that makes irrational hatred seem the order of the day and reality just another name for propaganda.

  2. They should’ve expected this outcome. No sane Jew ever goes to the bloodstained land of Germany, yimach shma.

  3. There used to be something called “white evidence”. A black could not win a case against a white unless at least one white person testified that he knew, from personal experience, that the black was telling the truth.

    I guess Silverstein and his like demand “non-Jewish evidence”.

  4. hypothetical

    if i were to kick dickie in the head, while calling him a filthy jew, would he thank me and ask for another?

    1. Jim from Iowa

      In my opinion, the answer might well depend upon what you were wearing at the time. If you were outfitted in a leather harness and chaps, you might well be fulfilling some S&M fantasy for Silverstein.

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