Israeli Presidential Conference 2013 Security

The Israeli Presidential Conference for 2013 is over.

As usual Aussie Dave had some of the best tweets.

Mostly there was a lot of talking and I will post some snarky photos about what we heard and saw and did not see when there is time next week.

But first I have a serious question about the “excitement” at the closing plenary session.

photo Shimon Peres and Natan Sharansky

President Shimon Peres and Natan Sharansky sat and smiled near the end of the exhausting two and a half day marathon 90th birthday celebration.

photo Bibi speaking, image Prime Minister Israel

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu entered the room and went to the podium to speak.

Image protester in crowd against Israeli Prime Minister

Then the woman on the left got up and started shouting.

Best part of the whole scene was the woman on the right who got up to shout her down.

FYI dear protesters:

you should know that it is not really clever to yell in Hebrew to an Anglo crowd.

photo Benjamin Netanyahu

But Bibi kept his cool and kept going trying to make his point.

When she rose a second time and started shouting, security came and led her away.

Security for this event was so tight and lines so long that Brian of London and Aussie Dave went home rather than wait.

I was asked for my father’s name along with ID and had my hands swabbed for what ever they look for.

photo Dr Ruth in Jerusalem

Dr Ruth, who everyone knew and as always loved at the conference, had to wear a name tag with the Tomorrow logos on a strap around her neck.

female protester

So my question is, why is this woman wearing something different?



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