Lauren Booth Hams It Up For The Media

Lauren Booth is back in the news, this time hamming it up for the media by claiming to feel scared of “grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women.”

boothCherie Blair’s half-sister, 45, said she felt like men want to hit her when they see her wearing her traditional Islamic dress and a hijab head-covering.
Ms Booth told ITV’s Daybreak: “When I came to Islam two years ago and I first put on the scarf I was nervous about going on the Underground, I thought everyone is going to see me differently, and everyone was beautiful towards me.

“I was invisible for a few weeks and then I noticed that British people were smiling, same as we always do, we’re really good at that, we’re really good at absorbing and accepting people.

“But honestly, in the last two weeks I’ve been getting public transport and there are grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women, and I’m a tall, white woman, I’m not easily threatened, but I have felt scared at times, so there is a change unfortunately.”

Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, was hacked to death on the streets of Woolwich last month as he walked back to his barracks wearing a Help for Heroes top.

Since his killing, an Islamic centre has been burned down in Muswell Hill, north London, as has an Islamic school in Chislehurst, Kent, in suspected attacks against Muslims.

Ms Booth’s brother-in-law, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, previously said there is a ‘problem within Islam’ which allows the seeds of extremism to be sown in the wake of the killing.

Asked if he was right, Ms Booth replied: ‘Absolutely not, and I think it’s very dangerous to take a summary of a religion from a man who’s overseen the invasion of several Muslim countries, and overseen a war where a million people whom are Muslim have been killed and millions displaced, so I wouldn’t take that as a kind of basis for any information on Islam.’

Ms Booth, who married Sohale Ahmed, 49, in a Muslim ceremony earlier this year, talked about the benefits of being a Muslim.

She said: “We say it’s a clean life, no drinking, I don’t go out to pubs, you’re more spiritual and calmer, and hopefully kinder with people, that’s what it’s all about, doing good at a community level.”

Michael Adebolajo, 28, of Romford, and Michael Adebowale, 22, of Greenwich, have both been charged with murder following the killing of Lee Rigby on May 22.
They have been remanded in custody.

Yes, it is people like Booth who have cause to be scared on the streets on England – despite never being hit. As opposed to say, non-Muslims who may end up hacked to death.

Notice also Booth’s response to Blair’s measured comments on Islam: attacking Blair and implying a justification for Muslim violence in the wake of his policies. She also has the chutzpah to suggest Muslims are “more spiritual and calmer, and hopefully kinder with people.”

I guess this guy was a butcher volunteering to cut people’s meat on the street:


And this guy is in blissful meditation:


As for Booth herself, methinks she might need to work on being “calmer, and hopefully kinder with people”:

Okay jerk offs
as you are so obsessed by the wish to have me as some self rejecting member of your supposed ‘Chosen Race’ let me once and for all put this idiocy about my mother’s ‘religion’ and background to rest.
My mother had a Jewish father who divorced her mother when she was little. She met him about three times and was raised in a secular Christian household. Thus when I was born rest assured no signs of any Judaism entered our world at all and my mother talked of Christ and God. The end. Now how about you lot try to address the really important questions; like your Occupation of Palestine, slaughter of children in Gaza in the name of the Jewish state and your tragic assertion at being ‘Chosen’ by God to rule over the rest of humanity. LOooool.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media