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Silverstein Defends Hamas Yet Again

Yes, you read that correctly. Silverstein responds to a tweeter who rightly points out the whole “kill Jews” thing in the Hamas’ charter with “But not Diaspora Jews.” As if killing Israeli Jews is perfectly reasonable and acceptable.

And in other Silverstein-hilarity-tweeting news, there’s this:

Said the dupe who is constantly duped.

I’m just surprised he turned on Ynet after what they’ve done for him.

Judge Dan addsYou only need to look through a list of Hamas terror attacks to find “Diaspora Jews”. One such attack happened on July 31st in the Hebrew University Mt. Scopus campus.

Four “Diaspora Jews” were murdered: Marla Bennett, Benjamin Blutstein, Janis Ruth Coulter, David Gritz.

7 thoughts on “Silverstein Defends Hamas Yet Again”

  1. Silversteins’s Solution to the Problem with the Hamas Charter

    Silverstein’s only method of avoiding admitting that the Hamas charter calls for killing of Jews is to avoid the topic.

    Every time he allows a comment about the charter to slip through on his blog comments, he dodges it.

    Last November 23rd, someone mentioned the charter and Silverstein responded: “The Hamas Charter is off-topic & a prohibited one. It’s been blasted out of the water here countless times.”

    It hasn’t, buy the way — I checked.

    Someone responded, “Re the Hamas Charter, what exactly has ‘been blasted out of the water’? The existence of the Charter? It’s embrace of anti-Semitic themes straight of the the Protocols?”

    Silverstein’s response? He had none, of course, and avoided the question entirely.

    My wish for him him is that he may meet Hamas terrorists in a dark alley one day and find out how much his delusionary defense of them helps him live to blog another day.

  2. Silverstein tweeted recently in response to the point about the Hamas charter:

    “@benmyers19 Y is it that only ppl who reference Hamas Charter R hasbarists like u. Who cares what it says? It has no political relevance.”

    WTF??? This is absolutely insane.

  3. may this soneh yisrael decide to take a stroll wearing a hoodie and may he meet up with seattle’s version of zimmerman…amen

  4. re the duping of ya

    i did a “simple” google search on both names…got nothing

    except pics posted by haaretz and the haaretz story…carried by others

    doesnt seem like this woman is a very well known comic

  5. Israel Channel Two: Silverstein Lacks Credibility
    Silverstein and his blog actually got a very brief mention last night on Israel Channel 2, and on their website.

    Lest anyone think they take Silverstein seriously, they follow up their brief mention with this:

    ?? ????? ?? ???????? ?? ???? ????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ??.

    Please note that the credibility of the website and reports it contains are doubtful.

    They got that right!

  6. WTF is right!!!! I think of Hamas like an appendix; it’s totally useless (except to enrich the pockets of unscrupulous surgeons) but after getting infected, it can easily kill you!

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