Al Quds Day Down Under: Virulent Antisemitism And Genocidal Aspirations On Display

The following video was taken from the Melbourne Al Quds Day held Friday August 2nd.

See if you can spot the following:

  • The protester lamenting the fact the Australian government defends Israel’s right to exist. As if that is a bad or unreasonable thing
  • The same protester’s Freudian slip, referring to the killing of palestinian “civilities” instead of “civilians”
  • The image of a hook-nosed Jew taking a bite out of a palestinian child
  • The “dead Jesus in the arms of Mary” poster, evoking the image of Jews as “Christ-killers”.

Meanwhile, at the Sydney Al Quds rally..

delete zionists

Pray tell, what could “Delete Zionists” possibly mean. Perhaps the adjacent Hizbullah flags offer a clue.

More here.

Hat tip: RealJStreets

Update: From the Facebook page of the Al-Quds Day committee Australia:




Yep. The cries of antisemitism are all to do with silencing legitimate criticism of Israel. No antisemitism here at all, right!

Update: There are numerous more gems from the Facebook page, but I really got a kick out of the juxtaposition between these two:



Projection, much?


David Lange

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