Israeli Flags, US Flags and What do you Call It Flags

Standing in the halls of an Israel Presidential Conference,  I met Brian of London.

We were both closed out of sessions, it only took a few minutes for us to find a common cause.

How many Israeli flags were displayed at the Israeli President’s Conference?

One would think they would be easy to find and it would be hard to keep track their number.

Image Israeli flag

But no, the Jerusalem International Conference Center has one painted on a mural, so I did find one that day.

Since then, I have this thing about counting Israeli flags.

Like when Hillary Clinton held a press conference at the Citadel Hotel,

Hilary Clinton with four US flags

there were NO Israeli flags in sight, just four US flags.

Visiting US Democratic Congressmen held a press conference this week in Jerusalem, Israel,

Steny Hoyer US Congressman at press conference Israel

with a US flag on the left and an Israeli flag on the right; sorry, a tall congressman is in front of it.

Two men carrying flags

And this week, these two men entered Jaffa Gate holding Israeli flags without the Star of David, but rather with a picture of the Jewish Temple.

I did not hear a lot about the rally they were going to attend, the one that protested the fact that only Muslims were allowed on the Temple Mount during Ramadan.

Now I guess I can start counting ‘What do you call it’ flags too.


3 thoughts on “Israeli Flags, US Flags and What do you Call It Flags”

  1. Unfortunately 2000 years of galuth and loss of sovereignty are difficult to shake off. Pride in one’s flag and national honor takes time, effort, and lots of brow-beating. Check again in a century, by then hopefully the jewish Nation will feel secure enough to take pride in its land and flag.

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