Richard Silverstein Displays His Ignorance Of Judaism Again


It is rather simple. We are in the Jewish year 5774. Any Jew with a basic knowledge of Judaism should know this.

Which apparently excludes anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein.

dickie tweet1

Yep, you should not rely on Google to tell you what the Jewish year is. Especially when you claim to be knowledgeable on the topics about which you blog, which includes Judaism.

For instance, Silverstein recently tweeted the following:

When someone pointed out he was generalizing, Silverstein replied thus:


We are expected to believe someone who does not even know what Jewish year we are in is some kind of expert on the Haredi Jewish community?

Another one to add to the constantly growing list (hat tip: Dan).

Update: Silverstein has the chutzpah to invoke the Jewish Torah to solicit for money.

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