As Abu Mazen was travelling to New York City for the UN General Assembly opening, getting the media spotlight, tens of thousands of people were marching through the Jerusalem, Israel streets. The annual Jerusalem March was been held since 1955, during Sukkot, in celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.

This year tourists came from Australia and Austria,

Jerusalem March 2013 image

and a delegation from Angola.

They came from Senegal, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone,

Jerusalem Parade Sukkot man from Gabon, image Jerusalem March

and one man from Gabon.

image women dressed in traditional clothes Kenya

These women you can bet were happier to be in Jerusalem, than shopping back home in Kenya. They got lots of extra special hugs from the crowd.

US, Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Indonesia, Boliva,

Jerusalem March 2013 photo

and Poland, well just a few, but Peru and Hungary were there too.

image China in Jerusalem Parade

There were many smiling Chinese marching,

Jerusalem Marchers with banner image, Taiwan in Jerusalem

but not near the group with “Taiwan Loves Israel” banner.


Jerusalem March photo New Zealand Maori

Maori from far away Down Under had a banner,

image Denmark in Jerusalem Parade

this one from Denmark, “Israel, you’re not alone!”

March with banner Great Wall of China to Wailing WAll

Chinese held a large banner, “From the Great Wall to Wailing Wall.”

photo from Jerusalem Parade Israel flags

There was no shortage of Israeli flags,

colorful costumes image, Parade costumes photo

or colorful costumes,

Jerusalem Parade participants image

or Stars of David.

Small international flags, image people with many flags, flags of many countries image

Thousands of flags and smiling people lined the streets of Jerusalem, Israel,

as 60,000 participants from 70 countries came for this ever growing event.

Man from Norway with flag in Jerusalem Parade.

One HUGE International BDS Fail!

Fiji, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands…even smiling supporters from Norway,

way too many countries to share in one post,

for more see The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook page album.


28 thoughts on “Huge International BDS Fail in Jerusalem”

  1. You mean the annual Avodah Zarah Parade. :-/ Sukkoth is a festival for ll on some levels, but why doesn’t anyone want to talk about how the goyim are supposed to leave their avodah zarah at home?

    Are we that co-dependently desperate for the goyim’s “love, acceptance, and validation??”

      1. Christians are definitely idol worshippers. Its just that the Talmudist Jews have so corrupted Judaism that its hard to tell that Christians are different and idolators.

      2. Ramba”m, Hil A”Z 9:4 (see a version w/o Christian censorship)

        Don’t even bother citing Rabbenu Gershon and the Meiri. They’re not relevant to the allowing of such A”Z into Eretz Yisrael.

      1. I am a proud Goy and I love it, for the most part. I find the vast majority of Jews know when and how to use the term appropriately.

    1. Because this is what is happening on Jerusalem streets, tens of thousands of people were out, thousands of religious Jews were watching and enjoying, and Israeli El Al pilots were doing Israeli dances. The electric company and even Jerusalem football were represented. It is going and growing every year. It has become a “feel good” event for everyone. And a major BDSFail which is why I though it was perfect post IsraellyCool.

        1. Immodest clothing? Are you a first-time reader or something? We have posted “worse” before. We appeal to a wide audience to spread the truth about Israel and thus do not enforce Charedi levels of “tzniut.” Sorry, that is the way it is on here. You are welcome to tune out if it offends you.

          1. Thanks for the information. No, I guess I haven’t been reading so much. I must have missed those photos. Obviously, you can post whatever you want, and I can choose to visit, or not. I’m just a bit surprised, is all.

            I must take exception to your use of the phrase “Charedi standards.”

            Bare shoulders are not Charedi standards; they are Torah standards. By all means, provide me with a source to indicate that I am mistaken.

        2. It’s a big, bright, beautiful world out there and IsraellyCool captures some of it and shares it with their readers, Esser. You should try to enjoy it a little more.

      1. These photos are not immodest but I don’t agree that because it’s what happening in the streets that it’s okay to take photos of immodest women and post them.

        1. What about men? Took a photo of a man panhandling on Yaffo Street as people sat in sukkah, and his pants were riding very low in the back. Did not post it, even though that was a very real candid photo.

  2. Zechariah would be proud that people from many nations assembled in Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Succot. And if only the Temple were rebuilt, they would take part as prophesied.

  3. What is the history of this march? Is there any purpose to it? Why do foreigners come to march in it? It just seems kind of random.

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